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T is for Throwback Thursday and Tulips

T is for Throwback Thursday and Tulips

Here at BlogJob, there is an A to Z Writing Challenge (or variations like the A – Z Spring Theme Challenge). If you want to see some posts published under this writing initiative visit the Creative Writing blog published by Sandy aka rusty2rusty.

FYI. This post is not a part of that challenge. It’s a stand alone blog entry. Wanted to make that clear so that you don’t go looking for other letters of the alphabet at my blog. Sandy has written some really good stuff though!  🙂

Anyway … Happy Thursday!

In some social networks or communities people participate in something called “throwback Thursday”. Ever heard of it? It’s when you share a memory (or something that provokes a memory) of something way back or a throwback to your past.

Most of the time my shares are music videos. But this morning I found this lovely photograph on Tumblr.  Photographer Ellen Ericsson shared a picture of tulips.

How is it a throwback?

Well!  We are enjoying a lovely spring here in Austin, Texas and a myriad of flowers can be seen everywhere. But the tulips are a throwback to when we lived in Maryland. Used to work in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. If you want to work an environment that will toughen you up and make you see the world as it really is, then D.C. is the place to get a job. It will make you wise to the ways of the world.

But let’s not get off topic.

Spring time in D.C. is beautiful because of the cherry blossoms.  People even plan their vacations around the blooming of the cherry blossoms.  They are glorious!

But spring time in Maryland, in the town of Damascus where I lived (1988 – 1995), will always be remembered because of the gorgeous tulips. Many of my neighbors loved to plant tulips in the garden – all different colors. They were magnificent!

Thank you Ms. Ericsson for this awesome throwback.

You made my day!  🙂


Pink Tulips | Photography | Ellen Ericcson


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