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Cross-Promote with Suggestions by Engageya

Cross-Promote with Suggestions by Engageya

Post was 1st published April 18, 2016. ~ UPDATE April 29, 2016. ~ Unfortunately, there is a problem with the widget in the way Recommendations are being displayed at MY blog. Support Services at Engageya were contacted. At other blogs here in this blogging community, the widget seems to be working just fine. However, at my blog it does not. It would be best not to have related posts suggested if the correct information is not presented. The plugin was deactivated, so “Recommendations by Engageya” will no longer appear after each blog post (unless or if it gets fixed).  For those who are satisfied and loyal users of this service … Keep Calm and Stay Happy!  🙂

~ UPDATE May 2, 2016. ~ Over the weekend a new month sneaked up on me. Determined to solve the widget mystery, used a separate eMail to create a brand new account and then created the javascript code for the free Engageya widget. It works well on my Tumblr blogs. Also recreated new widget for my Blogspot blog under this account and installed it. Looks like it is working as it should. Nope! Not gonna cross my fingers. Gonna have faith! 🙂

* * *

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

Didn’t you always hear that when you were a kid. I heard it enough and it stuck! If something doesn’t work for me on my first attempt, several more attempts are made. As many as necessary to either get it to work or get me to give up!

For some reason my first attempt at trying to use Engageya glitched. UUUUGGG!!

Engageya is a blogging tool that helps you cross-promote content.  After the BlogJob site owners completed their major maintenance overhaul at the beginning of April, decided to try again.

WHOA! This time it worked!

I am very pleased with the results. After each blog post, visitors see a selection of posts labeled “You might also enjoy”. I like the presentation. It’s neat and clean and I think … very engaging.

The Engageya plugin is a perk of your BlogJob membership. If you are a member of the BlogJob community, it’s easy to activate. Just go into your blog’s dashboard. Click on Plugins. Check the box to Activate the Engageya plugin. Done!

The Plugins are just one of the many benefits of being a member here at BlogJob. There are six plugins. Engageya is the first plugin on the list. The members get these fantastic blog enhancement tools FREE!!

Even though 6 plugins are provided, I have only activated 3:

  1. Engageya
  2. Embedly
  3. Super Socializer

Why not activate the other 3?

  • Well I already have Zemanta plugin as a browser Add On extension and was using it already.
  • I prefer not to use the Disqus Comments system. I like the WordPress Comments module better.
  • As for the PayPal donation button? Can’t bring myself to beg.

There are folks who use the PayPal Donate button for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because they don’t use affiliate ads or other means to monetize their blog. So they ask their readers for a donation to keep the blog running. I get that. However, my blogging efforts are legitimate home-based work and I really want my blogs to earn income. My own real income that I can report to the IRS. Know what I mean?

Do you use Engageya on your blog?

FYI.  If you’re not a BlogJob member you can still get the free widget and see if you can install it on your blog. It’s worth a try!


Engageya.com Information Review and Overview Report

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