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Home Biz Project: My Shopping Channel ~ Under Construction

Update October 10, 2016: Everything in this blog post had to be struck through. Reworking and recreating everything related to my affiliate marketing online shopping website, My Shopping Channel, using my social media accounts for marketing and sales and earning commissions.


Visit my Google Plus brand page; my Facebook business page; my dedicated Twitter account; and Pinterest.  Also publishing pages at a site owned by fellow online entrepreneurs which I affectionately refer to as “The Other Shopping Channel”.  The real name is Webnuggetz.com

  • Using these tools instead of Tumblr.

This is big job! Not sure how long this home business project is going to take but do hope the end result will be worth it. (Sigh.) Need prayers. 🙂

Why no more Tumblr?  Click link below for the rest of the story.

Continuing My Tumblr Experience


Published on: Jul 14, 2016

UPDATE: Wow!  What a surprise!  It’s breaking news for me.  Took me one day to reconstruct my shopping blog and as of July 14, 2016 (same day this post was published), it is ready to receive visitors.  Chose a template that uses the grid format.  Actually it was the same template (“Sugar Theme by kazunori-miura“) that was used for my entertainment blog.  Using the grid-type display because it is somewhat similar to the way Pinterest displays pins.  Many bloggers have started using the grid format, especially if they have a lot of images.  Hope you stop by and do a little shopping!  🙂

Yes. I know it’s summer time but some spring cleaning is in order for my affiliate marketing websites and blogs. Particularly my online shopping blog that was set up at Tumblr. See screenshots below of BEFORE and AFTER.

The screenshot below is the initial “AFTER”. Meaning that the screenshot doesn’t show any of my HTML customization … because I have not done them yet. That’s the thing with changing templates or themes in Tumblr. It wipes out all of the customizing that was done on the other template; even if it’s a template made by the same designer.

Fortunately, Tumblr also has a Theme Recovery feature. Just click the Help button in the dashboard and search using the word “recovery” and the page link will pop up. Then click on it and you should see your work. The Tumblr staff does not save all of your work from the very beginning. But usually your work for at least the past month can be recovered. So if you experiment with another theme, and all your efforts don’t produce what you wanted, you can revert back or recover your “BEFORE” work, as if nothing ever happened.

My Shopping Channel Featured Products-OLD

FYI. Screenshots were done using a toll provided by Awesome Screenshot. Find this free browser extension via the Google Chrome web store.

My Shopping Channel Featured Products

What is my desired end result?

Hoping to make it simpler for online shoppers to immediately see the wide range of affiliate products available via the site on the landing page; and make it easier for them to navigate and shop. Really hoping that once a visitor arrives they’ll hang out for a bit. Just like when you’re shopping in a department store and you walk around perusing, checking for sales or clearance items or bargains, looking for gift ideas, etc. “BEFORE”, to me the site looked very “busy” because of widgets, ad banners, etc., that are needed because they generate income. However (not actually getting any direct feedback from customers, so it’s my “best guess”), it appears some of them need to be placed in a different location, replaced or just removed because they are interfering with the shopping experience. Also, I checked out the official Amazon Tumblr blog and their site looks much nicer than mine! Cleaner and more professional. I’m jealous! 🙂
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