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Content Curation Using Paper.li

Content Curation Using Paper.li

UPDATE: March 15, 2016 – This will make the 1st update for this blog post. Many sites offer features when they are just getting started. They offer free plans and let users learn how to get the most from the tools. You know when the site owners providing the service is enjoying a certain amount of success because they start making changes and free users have some of the free stuff. It’s no biggie. That’s what business is about! It’s a win-win situation as I see it. I get to learn. They get to grow. At any rate:

The changes were significant but nothing that I can’t live with and work with.  Paper.li still allows users to publish free newsletters and that’s fine by me for now.  Maybe when I start enjoying a little more monetary success, I’ll be able to upgrade my publications.  🙂


Do you like the idea of generating your own online newspaper?

The question can also be rephrased or restated. In other words:

  • Do you like the idea of presenting your blog posts in an easily readable format, similar to a newspaper or a newsletter?

Well when “Adventures of Superman” TV series aired, back in my day – watching Lois and Clark and Jimmy Olsen and Chief Perry White and all the effort that went into “getting the story”, it gave me the impression that publishing the Daily Planet” was a really hard job!

daily planet

Grew up believing that generating a newspaper or even a newsletter was way too time-consuming and tiring. Not any more. Paper.li is a tool that helps you do just that. It is so easy to use I created four papers. The “news stories” practically write themselves.

Basically, the tool helps you gather stories or material about things of interest to you or your Readers or Subscribers . You select sources from RSS feeds, Twitter, Google, etc. When the paper is published a notification can be automatically posted to your social networks or sent via eMail.

My first paper – “Cmoneyspinner Weekly” – was a test. Set it up so that each issue publishes every Monday. Wanted to collect information that related to work at home endeavors that might be of interest to home business entrepreneurs, self-employed people, small business owners, and work-at-home parents.

Cmoneyspinner Weekly

Cmoneyspinner Weekly, by Treathyl Fox: Weekly recap of items of interest to the #entrepreneur, #mompreneur, #WAHM, #selfemployed, #independentprofessional – #homebusiness, #smallbusiness, #workfromhome, #workathome. Updates every Monday!


So pleased with the finished product, decided to generate four more newspapers.

– My second paper is a collection of items of interest to Freelance Writers : “Freelance Writers Digest”.

Freelance Writers Digest

Freelance Writers Digest, by Treathyl Fox: Weekly Updates, Every Wednesday – Thanks for subscribing!

Summarizes articles from the various online writing communities where I am a contributor, job for writers, and similarly helpful information. UPDATES every Wednesday.

– My third paper is popular pins, Pinterest activity: “Weekly Pinterest Digest”.

Weekly Pinterest Digest

Weekly Pinterest Digest, by Treathyl Fox: Weekly recap of Pinterest activity for Cmoneyspinner’s HomeBiz Projects. Enjoy!

50+ pinboards, almost 4000 pins (as of Nov 2014). A lot to keep up with! Weekly recap of Pinterest activity for Cmoneyspinner’s HomeBiz Projects. UPDATES every Saturday.

– My fourth paper is weekly wrap-up of my best tweets: “My Twitter WeekEnd Wrap-Up”.

My Twitter WeekEnd Wrap-Up

My Twitter WeekEnd Wrap-Up, by Treathyl Fox: @cmoneyspinner stays busy! Mompreneuring, blogging, writing – doing a little wishful shopping! 🙂

Staying busy! Mompreneuring, blogging, writing – doing a little wishful shopping! 🙂 UPDATES every Sunday.

– My fifth paper is “My Fox Nooze Weekly Recap”.

My Fox Nooze Weekly Recap

My Fox Nooze Weekly Recap, by Treathyl Fox: WAHM Business and Work. Subscribe to receive updates every Friday.

A weekly recap of posts appearing at my various blogs and tweets that mention my Twitter handle(s) for foodie, shopping, etc. UPDATES every Friday.

foxYou can release daily, biweekly or weekly editions. All of my papers are weekly. My Internet work and online activity are not enough to generate daily newsworthy events! It has great historical value because back issues are maintained. Archives for my first paper date back to 2013 (although some of the links have changed since). It’s fun to casually peruse articles for yourself like you would a Sunday paper. Anybody can subscribe to it just like a regular paper.

Have you ever tried Paper.li or a similar content curation and sharing tools?

There are similar services.

Here is an informational link.

What Are Paper.li Competitors?

[ Image credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daily_Planet ]


This last newsletter was not included with the grouping above because it is published under a completely separate account wholly dedicated to my foodie escapades. “The Everyday Exotic Spices Weekly” UPDATES every Saturday afternoon.

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The Everyday Exotic Spices Weekly

The Everyday Exotic Spices Weekly, by Everyday Exotic Spices: Weekly updates every Saturday of foodie and food lover culinary adventures.



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