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Earn Residual Income : Social Sites That Pay

Earn Residual Income : Social Sites That Pay

UPDATE: May 29, 2016

Incredible!  Two sites didn’t make it through the first six months of 2017.  Had to say Good Bye to both BlogBourne and Literacy Base.  My one post at BlogBourne was deleted but my posts published at Literacy Base posts are still publicly online at this site.
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Good News!!

UPDATE: Post published Aug 19, 2016. Good News!! BlogBourne has begun to pay. Fellow writers have been paid. To date, my profile shows only one article. There were two, but one post was deleted and republished here before the announcement was made by the site owner, Mike Ople Dulnuan (he’s on Facebook), that the payments would begin! It’s good news as now this site can be “officially” added to my home business projects list as a legitimate residual income stream. However, at present, because another home biz is hogging up all of my time (My Shopping Channel), there is not much time to submit blog posts for review and approval. Not to worry as points can still be earned for popping in from time to time, leaving comments and/or participating in forums.

It looks BlogBourne is a GO!!!

MyLot vs Literacy Base vs BlogBourne.

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Three social sites with revenue-share plans that allow you to generate residual income from your online activity.


If you want (or need) to work from home to generate extra (or needed) income, online writing communities may be the recipe! It’s been almost a year since publishing my featured article at HUBPages discussing how much Online Writing Communities Have Mushroomed. Within that same period, I joined 3 different social sites.


One refers to itself as a discussion forum: MyLot. (You do more discussing than blogging. Your blogging efforts are more like micro-blogging. In other words, post 1 to 3 statements or even a question to get a conversation started. In fact, you do not have to initiate a discussion.  Just chime on a discussion you like!)


The other two are deemed blogging communities: LiteracyBase and BlogBourne. (You are encouraged to publish blog posts. LB requires 300+ words; and BB requires 400+ words. Check specific FAQ at each site for further details.)


History Markers: Recently celebrated a one-year anniversary at myLot.  YAY!  🙂  Signed up for LiteracyBase about a month ago and for Blog Bourne about a week ago.  YAY worthy!  🙂


Neither would be categorized as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr,  etc.  But you do socialize there, probably a lot more than with your family and friends in your social media networks.


  • Am I pleased with my decision to hop on board and become an active member at these sites? Yes! Yes I am!


  • Would I use them as a substitute for social media? No. Of course not! Even the owners of those sites know that’s silly. That’s why they have the social sharing buttons for each post, and members are encouraged to share.
English: Data from April 2011 Editor Survey th...

English: Data from April 2011 Editor Survey that lists Social Media activities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



This post serves as my Status Update and supplies information on what I do in these communities to make it work for me.


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** RE:


Below are links to two posts shared at My Blog Stop! (one of my other blogs). Supplying the links because there is no need to repeat myself. Nothing has changed, except that cash out used to be $10 and now it’s $5.  Woo ho0!!!  🙂 – Can First Impressions Be Trusted?

Answer: Yes! – A Milestone and a Second Impression

Remark: This site is improving with age.


Final note: myLots gets two thumbs up! It’s fun AND you get paid!!!  (Green means GO!)



** RE:


The site is currently being micro-managed. That is to say, each of your blog posts are submitted and must be approved before appearing online for public viewing. You do not own your content (it says “All Rights Reserved”) and once it’s published you can not edit. You can probably ask for your account to be deleted, but I’m not that far ahead and don’t have any intentions of doing so at present.


In addition to publishing blog posts, you can be active on forums, commenting at posts, updating your wall or a friend’s wall, etc.  I feel comfortable there for two reasons.

(1) It was easy to learn how to navigate the site.

(2) See many familiar faces there who were already my friends elsewhere.


Personally can not make the claim yet that they pay you. Others have been able to click the Redemption button, but my pennies are still accumulating. Although I have to say, they are adding up quickly. Payout is $10. My earnings have been averaging at 10 cents a day and most of my activity is commenting, not blogging. The members who blog make more money much quicker.


Final note: LiteracyBase gets one and a half thumbs up. Have not cashed out yet, but there’s hope! Below is a list of all blog posts approved to date.  (Blue means Stay Calm and Blog On!)


Vitamin / Pixabay




** RE:


This site just went live at the beginning of August. Prior to that, it was in “test mode”. Have not published any posts yet. Signed up because many online friends are publishing posts there and it’s my way of lending them support by becoming a part of their friends base and leaving comments at their “very well written and informative posts”.


Unsure about the revenue-share plan. The site owner is working on it! Right now we accumulate points and those points will be converted to cash, as soon as the exchange rate is calculated.


My first approved post at BlogBourne:

  • Alexander the Great May Have Thought ~ What’s So Great About My Life?


Final note? Don’t have one. Recall that the title of this post does mention something about social sites “that pay”. Since I don’t know what they pay or how they pay, I can’t rate it. Looks like it has potential for residual income though.  (Red means Wait for it!)



Are you a member of social sites that pay?

Please share your experience.

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