Enjoy a Cookie Meme and Pass It On!

Enjoy a Cookie Meme and Pass It On!

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  • Are any of your friendships on a fine line?

No. Well! If they are, nobody told me! (O.o)

  • Have you ever witnessed a birth?

11 times. 5 boys. 6 girls. My own!

  • Where’s your favorite place to be when you feel depressed?

In a quiet place with my God.

  • Are you currently looking forward to tomorrow?

Always. Jesus might come! πŸ™‚

  • Have you ever faked sick?

Definitely. High school. Didn’t want to take a test.

  • Are you currently wearing jeans?

No. I do so miss my jeans! Can’t fit them any more.

  • Have you gone to a coffee shop within the past week? [i.e. Starbucks]

I don’t go to coffee shops. But there was once a time when I frequented Diamond Shamrock gas stations/convenience stores. The cappuccino there tasted great and it was cheap! One time I was actually late for a job interview because the store across the street had cappuccino, any size cup (small, medium or large) for 98 cents! Couldn’t pass on it!! Arrived late at the interview but still got the job. My kind of management! Willing to overlook a transgression and/or understand my priorities. πŸ™‚

  • Would you like to be able to read thoughts?

No. I believe in everyone’s right to privacy and since those in the tech world don’t want to protect and secure intimate private moments of every individual, it’s good to know nobody can invade our thoughts and dreams. We share them with others on our own terms.

  • Do certain swear words just roll off your tongue?

No. But sometimes certain people cause them to roll around in my brain! Which is why I’m really glad people can’t read my mind. GRRRRR …!!! πŸ™‚

  • Are you often the last one to understand a joke?

Yeah. Pretty much. (O.o)

  • Can experience be gained just by reading?

Yes. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding gained from reading can steer me on the right path and then later I can tell others going that way was a great experience!

  • Does playing the guitar make a person more attractive?

No. Duh! But when a person can play an instrument it is impressive.

  • Have you ever slept in a tent, indoors or out?

You know …?? Maybe. But I honestly can’t remember. Maybe I might have fallen asleep laying outside next to a pool or something.

  • What does your hair look like at the moment?

LOL. You don’t want to know!

  • Are you mad right now?

Not at all. The older I get, the harder it is to provoke my anger. I do get a tad bit irritated and annoyed about things. But it passes quickly. I like to savor life’s moments. A lot of time gets wasted being angry.

  • Who did you spend your summer with last year?

My husband and kids. And the summer before that and the summer before that and the summer before that …

  • Did you eat a cookie today?

No. But the Girl Scouts are selling. Saw some in front of the Walmart near my apartment. Couldn’t buy any. Tight budget. But if you see any of the girls trying to raise money, feel free to buy from them to support their organization. Enjoy one of those chocolate thin mint cookies for me.

Don’t want to buy the GS cookies? They are kind of expensive. (Said the lady who remembers when a box of Girl Scout cookies used to cost 50 cents.) Enjoy an Oreo for me.


Adding one more bullet item to this meme.

Choose? WHY? Give me BOTH! I DEMAND IT!! πŸ™‚

Nespresso Capsules the Intense Family Pack, 50-Count

Death Wish

Death Wish Ground Coffee, The World’s Strongest Coffee,
Fair Trade and USDA Certified Organic – 16 Ounce Bag


Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate Covered Oreos, Valentine’s Day Heart Motif – 8 OZ



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