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For Home Biz Entrepreneurs | Gleanings: December 2016

Hope you have been following this blog throughout the year. If not and it’s your first time visiting, be advised that this blog is a personal / home business blog. Whereas some posts simply share my experiences and/or thoughts, etc., other posts are specifically aimed at sharing my experience gained through the mistakes I’ve made trying to be a successful online home business entrepreneur.

My December Gleanings are simply a recap of my 2016 home business activities.



Started a few new home biz projects (affiliate marketing and SEO blogs and microblogs).


Expanded my presence via social media.


Testing and trying out automated sharing tools to give me the few “extra hands” needed to get more work done. The two tools that have been a tremendous help for keeping my microblogs loaded with relevant content and queuing posts so that they posts are published at varying times are and IFTTT.


Edited and/or republished articles that contained evergreen content; mainly on Daily Two Cents. This is a site that has a revenue-share and you can earn money for writing short posts (200 words minimum).


Continued to tweak and update my old websites (and old blogs) that have been online since 2011. There is always work to be done. The websites were created using a DIY website builder, When this app was acquired by VistaPrint it was modified. However, the company allowed old users the option to maintain sites under the legacy system or switch over. My sites were created with under the company’s old system. Extremely grateful the management allowed me to keep them. What I did was to use the new system to create a website that supplies page links that click through to the specific sites: Cmoneyspinner’s Home Business Projects.  That arrangement seems to be working well.


Last but not least, started collections on We Heart It. This is a popular site and I’m not quite sure how it used. But do know lots of people use it. Can’t report much on it other than to say exploring it and loving it!  These electronic collections are way better than sticking notes on your refrigerator with magnet!  🙂



Thank you for your continued support.
Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2017.


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