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Everyday Exotic Spices

Everyday Exotic Spices

Blogging Tips: Ways and Means of Sharing Content

Blogging Tips: Ways and Means of Sharing Content

Starting working at home back in 2007 and have tried various “ways and means” of making my online activity successful and profitable. No doubt by the time all of the secrets to success are mastered by me, the Internet will have been replaced but a new technological invention and all of these tips will be out of date. 🙂

But for now, here are some of sharing tips and tricks that are working for me, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Don’t expect overnight magic! Make plans to be prepared to be doggedly persistent and diligent and work 24/7, if you want to see results!

Hard work? Yes! It’s either that or be overcome by The Nothing

(What is The Nothing? – Never EndingStory video clip)

Please consider using these tools and resources and joining these communities to meet more like-minded entrepreneurs or home business professionals and other everyday people like yourself.

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Tumblr is also great way to get more exposure for your work. The platform allows for easy networking and blogging or sharing; and the YAHOO owners permit Google Ad Sense and affiliate advertisements.


My Tumblr links:


Pinterest enjoys great popularity and offer a variety of ways to share. Their main feature is the ability to organize your content via the creation of pinboards.



Paper.li is a newsletter or newspaper publishing tool. You can select or curate almost any online content to present it to subscribers for quick perusal and easy reading. It pairs wonderfully with Twitter and RSS feeds.


My papers published using Paperli:


Flipboard iconFlipboard is a magazine publishing tool very similar to Paper.li in that you can select or curate almost any online content to present it to subscribers for quick perusal and easy reading.  Currently publishing 3 magazines.  Click on icon to the right to view.


Sign up for all of these sites is FREE.  Upgrades for access to more features are available.

Never Ending Story

The NeverEnding Story
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen


♦ ♦ ♦

UPDATE: August 5, 2016. The Tsu social payment platform has closed.

Tsu social network to make more friends, network professionally and share.

Multiple accounts are allowed. My Tsu niche or business pages:


The site is similar to the mainstream social media sites: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The difference is Tsu has a revenue share plan.

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