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Desserts With My Favorite Secret Ingredient – Cool Whip!

Desserts With My Favorite Secret Ingredient – Cool Whip!

It’s that time of the year, in the USA (October through December) when one tends to yield to temptation. Found a foodie quote a few years back a food blog that encourages us all to throw caution to the wind. It said: “Life is uncertain. Eat desserts first.” (Quote source.)

Probably most of us have followed this advice at one time or another, even though we know it’s against mom’s rules. “Finish your food or you won’t get any dessert!”

Signed up to receive a newsletter that supplies wonderful recipes. The issue for October 7, 2015, is loaded with “Down Home” dessert recipes. There are twelve (12) easy recipes that use one of my favorite secret ingredients. Cool Whip!

Who likes Cool Whip? A question you would think might not cause a divide but there are those who view it as fake whipped cream. My thoughts? Real enough for me!

  • Check out the “Ode-to-Elvis Poke Cake”. In addition to Cool Whip, it requires bananas, peanut butter, and bacon! That out to be illegal.  🙂
  • There’s also a decadent “Halloween No-Bake Eclair Dessert” – if you’re celebrating the holiday.


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12 Easy Southern Recipes With Cool Whip from FaveSouthernRecipes


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Food history: Origin of Cool Whip.








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