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Make the Miss Universe Contest Fairer for the Fairest

Make the Miss Universe Contest Fairer for the Fairest

Content first posted Sep 15, 2015; updated after the results of the Miss USA contest on May 14, 2017.

Sunday evening, September 13, 2015, Betty Cantrell aka Miss Georgia was crowned Miss America 2016. Using that event and all subsequent beauty pageant outcomes and events as an excuse to discuss one of my pet peeves about the Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe and any other beauty pageant.

Mirror mirror on the wall … Who’s the fairest one of all?

– Mirror talks back and says: That’s easy! Miss Congeniality.

mirror mirror For the past few years, we (“we” as in me and my significant other) have not been watching the Miss Universe pageants. (We haven’t really been watching any pageants.) Last night as we were flipping the TV channels, we noticed the Miss Universe Pageant was on – LIVE from Doral, Miami, Florida. Been gone from Miami too long. Never heard of Doral until last night.

At any rate, when we used to watch the pageants, we used to try to guess the winner and then at the end of the show, see which one of us guessed right. Last night? We (my husband and me) were both wrong! Miss Columbia???

Very happy for the young lady but the fact is – any of them could do the job!

But here is a suggested improvement that should make the pageant fairer. 

The young woman who gets voted “Miss Congeniality” should also have a shot at the crown!

Listen to my logic. There’s about 50 cat-fighting “I wanna WIN!” witches (behind the scenes) who always maintain that smile in front of the camera and are in ever-ready “strike a pose” mode – and out of all of them, there’s one who is genuinely NOT A WITCH. A sweetie pie darling who is so nice that even her peers – though they don’t want to admit it – but they have to because it’s tradition!! – they can’t help but like her!!

Do you know what it means to get that kind of acknowledged recognition?

The peers say: “Hey! She nice even when cameras ain’t rolling!!”

Now I don’t think that for each pageant, Ms. Congeniality should just automatically be put in with the last 5 finalists. This is how it should be done.

Randomly decide. OK?

For example, last night Miss Congeniality hailed from Nigeria. She wasn’t among the 15, the 10 or the 5 contenders for the crown. Donald Trump – it’s his show! – should flip a coin.

Heads – Miss Congeniality gets a shot at the crown.

– Tails – Sorry, Miss C. Maybe next time.

How many times in the history of those pageants has the person who was voted by the other contestants to be the friendliest sweetest nicest one out of all of them – how many times has the nicest one – the “fairest” – ever won the crown??

Think about it. What the contestants are really saying is:

Miss Congeniality is the fairest one of all.

She’s beautiful on the outside and the inside!!

Too bad being a Miss Goody Two Shoes won’t win her the crown!!

That’s what it really means!! 🙂

What’s that?

* You’re right. My so-called improvement is crazy with a capital “K”! 🙂

(Here’s hoping Donald Trump reads this.)


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