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No More Gleanings for Home Biz Entrepreneurs

No More Gleanings for Home Biz Entrepreneurs

Last year I started an initiative that was called “Gleanings” where I shared information, advice, tips and tricks that I gleaned from around the web in an effort to teach myself how to be a better blogger and home business entrepreneur; and hopefully my readers learned something as well.  This post will be the last post in that series.  Below are the links to the previous posts.  After this last post, it will be 2017 and beyond!  Have not yet decided on a final game plan is for this particular blog but … there will be posts.  Count on it!  🙂

MLG (My Last Glean):  “Daily Blog Tips” is a blog published by Daniel Scocco. I have been a loyal follower even before I attempted to become a blogger. My first tries at being an online entrepreneur was trying to build my own affiliate marketing website. Finding a D.I.Y. website building app was easy enough. I simply Googled something like “build a free website” and clicked on whatever showed up in the search results. I was very fortunate because the app provided by, helped me teach myself about HTML coding, etc. But the app taught me how to build a website but not how to make money with my website. Started following DBT back in 2011 and the post which is still listed at the blog as one of the most Popular Posts of all time is 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website. This post is an excellent primer or introduction but it is by no means an exhaustive list. But it is a great reference to get you on the right track if you want to monetize your websites or blogs.  This is one tip you can probably take the bank!  🙂

Extra Tip!  Also from DBT.

4 Steps To Monetize Your Blog Like A Professional



It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I wanted to take the opportunity via this post for those who celebrate this holiday by sharing a link to an article I published at years back.

Valentine’s Day Around the World


Sweet & Sexy Things! Chocolate or Corset?
~ from:My Shopping Channel on BlogJob

12 Love Berries | One Dozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries
~ from:Food Ways on Tumblr


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