Writers Who Battled with Depression

Writers Who Battled with Depression

A couple of years ago read an article titled “Depression: 10 Great Authors Who Battled with This Mental Illness**. It was a very informative read. Three women; seven men comprised the list. Of the ten on the list – four attempted suicide and two actually succeeded. It was an interesting article. There is no indication in the brief bio summaries that any of these writers received or were under continued medical observation and treatment. Their stories were disheartening but one wonders what their writings might have been like had they not been depressed.

Would people have appreciated their work? Even if people didn’t, it’s a shame their writing was not more therapeutic for them. Don’t you agree? Depression is a very common ailment, often treated by activities such as writing, music, art, etc. Unfortunately, in their cases, it didn’t seem to help at all.

** The aforementioned article had been published via YAHOO Voices which no longer exists. Fortunately I located an archived copy by way of the Wayback Machine. and can give the writer proper credit.


English: Jericho House Long stay care for adul...

English: Jericho House Long stay care for adults with mental illness and /or alcohol dependence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also unfortunate is that the article appeared at YAHOO Voices but YAHOO shut down their YAHOO Contributor Network and this article is now unpublished. Searched diligently for it but was only able to find substitute or replacement links on this subject. All too often people suffering from mental illness are overlooked, discounted, disregarded and not properly treated. Although this is not an area of expertise it definitely a topic of interest. It’s probably a topic of interest to many people but they don’t want to say that out loud. Hope the related links supplied below are helpful.

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