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Not MTV. DirecTV is What I Want!

I miss my DirectTV. Do you have it?  🙂

Regardless of what anybody says, the Internet will never replace television. It is just way too convenient to click on the boob tube and go about your daily affairs while listening to whatever is being televised, like if there’s a Revolution. With the Internet you can’t easily find what your looking for, you can’t easily use your remote to change channels, sometimes your computer glitches or the screen freezes, and a host of other kinds of inconveniences, such as being snooped on. Write if off as my paranoia, if you like, but it’s just too much trouble surfing the Internet when it was so simple to just click on the TV, and pick up the remote control.



How did we get on this subject, you ask? Bear in mind that the scenes being painted occurred many moons ago. They are just a snap-shot of a brief period of history in my life. As I don’t keep a written diary the incidents are being recalled from my feeble frail memory. For whatever it’s worth.

OK. Here’s what happened. At one time, my family lived in the Dark Ages. That means we had to watch local TV. Then, the Cable TV service providers came to our area so that we could become “enlightened”. Fine. Cable TV was alright. There were more choices of lousy shows to watch. But then we moved into a neighborhood and instead of continuing our cable subscription, we signed up for DirecTV. They had to put a satellite dish on our roof, gave us boxes in about four rooms of the house and we were good to go!

First thing I discovered was that the programs transmitted via satellite were not on our cable TV line-up. They were really interesting programs too! For example, there was DEMOCRACY NOW. Well actually, the station owned by former Vice-President Al Gore (Current TV) wasn’t provided via cable at all, so we were missing out on all of those programs. The aforementioned program was just one of them.

Then there was this really informative station where you could listen to and watch what was called MOSAIC NEWS. Talk about being enlightened!! It was about daily life in the Middle East.

There were two “types” of news coming out Doha, which is the capital of Qatar.

– One program used Lebanese reporters and they reported on “complex Lebanese politics”. (The word “complex” is not even close to an adequate description.) They spoke in their own language, but interpreters were provided for English-speakers viewers.

– Al Jazeera TV, had British reporters who of course, spoke English. They used a ticker tap like CNN and talked about Hamas, Palestine, etc. “Stuff” I presume they thought Westerners wanted to know.

Then there was LBC TV, who reported the news from Beirut, Lebanon, which has a “large Armenian population”.

From Jerusalem, Israel, the main topics were border crossings, checkpoints and humanitarian aid.

From Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) there was news about the Jordanian government and something or other about the “Islamic spirit” operating outside the nationalist spirit of the kingdom.

From Dubai, UAE, a different TV program (Al Arayiba, as I recall), they were reporting on the U.S. Presidential candidates contemplating the use of force in Pakistan.

Events from Tehran, Iran (IRIBZ, I think was the name) were reported in English. The Iranian president was on official business in Algiers. Iran had successfully tested a new fighter jet. Iranian scientists had built a super computer. There was a meeting of diplomats from Iran, Iraq and the USA and they were going to be discussing Iraq security.

Finally there was Al Alam TV, who reported in their native language. Not too sure what was going on but it had to do with the Fatwahs attempting to divide the Muslim nation and Saudi Arabia being called on for support.

So. You know how things come full circle? We’ve come full circle and are now back in the Dark Ages. AGAIN!! Why? Because the apartments where we live, the management signed a contract and uses a particular cable TV and Internet service provider and my husband thinks they suck! Erego, we are back to watching local TV. We did try to get a satellite dish, but the excuse was that our apartment wasn’t facing in the right direction. Whatever! I miss my DirectTV. Do you have it?

Fed up with cable? You’re not alone.

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