Florida Keys or Bahamas? Uuhh … Both!

Florida Keys or Bahamas? Uuhh … Both!

Throw in Cuba, while you’re at it!

When it comes to pursuing online writing, (formerly gets full credit for helping me spread my wings and fly. Thanks to other online writing communities or social blogging sites and blogging communities like, discovered later, it’s much easier to fly ever further (although sometimes it feels more like crawling – nevertheless, perseverance pushes me forward). changed their platform several years and my articles were removed and the content was published elsewhere. Unfortunately another article written by someone else was also unpublished (or it’s under a new title). Can’t find it! The title referred to the Florida Keys as the “American Bahamas”.

All my fellow Floridians out there know that is an awesome compliment. Born and raised in Miami, Florida and driving to the Keys for the weekend was a fairly regular treat. Never heard the Keys spoken of in that manner but that is a perfect description.

Anyway even though that article is no longer available, there are several other articles about The Bahamas or the Florida Keys. Planning a summer (or winter) vacation? If it were me with an opportunity to travel – my itinerary would include both locations. They both have pineapples!

Also, now that the United States and Cuba have decided that after 50 years, the relationship between the two of them should be improved, why not include Cuba in your vacation planning? Florida is only 90 miles from Cuba.

Hemingway House

Image credit: Ernest Hemingway’s house- Key West, FL; Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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