Where to Find Out How Stuff Works

Yes there’s BuzzFeed , MentalFloss and a bunch of other sites that have all kinds of facts and figures , trivia and possibly some things we need to know but don’t. Those websites are fantastic. There is one site in particular that is worth signing up to receive their newsletter via eMail. Planned to recycle or share the links elsewhere in my social networks and circles. Sat in my Inbox for days until one day, the light bulb went off in my head and decided

‘Maybe the blog visitors or readers might like these fun reads’.


The site is called “How Stuff Works“.

You can follow them on Twitter.

But my personal preference is opening their newsletter via my eMail. So much simpler. They have videos , brain games , puzzles , lists , quizzes , advice on money matters, etc.


Here is a sampling of article titles:

– 10 Scientifically Sound Weather Superstitions

– Disastrous Food Combinations Quiz

– Can You Make a Living on YouTube

– Birthstones Puzzle

– 6 Common Sayings You’re (Probably) Saying Wrong

– 10 Fairy Tales That Are Way Darker Than You Realized


Looked at that last title and thought to myself:

‘Yep! It figures. Can’t be satisfied with living peacefully in the sweet little mushroom house in the forest. Oh no! Gotta make the Big Bad Wolf BIGGER and BADDER!!’

Must read. I like fairy tales but … Please! Tell me the truth! I can handle it!! ≧◠◡◠≦

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