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Blogging Tips and Tricks: Related Posts Widgets

Blogging Tips and Tricks:  Related Posts Widgets

~ 2nd UPDATE May 17, 2017. Just follow the red letters.
* * As of May 17, 2016

* * *

Post was 1st published Dec 24, 2015. ~ UPDATE May 2, 2016. ~ Another Related Posts widget has decided to bite da dust! There is a problem with the In Link , a widget that was installed on two of my Tumblr blogs. Even though this widget had been working fine for several months / years, my mission is to either get it to work properly again or find another widget that does work properly. Why plan out your work day? When you wake up each morning, just expect a fluke or a glitche or some unexplained quirk that occurred at one of your websites or blogs, while you were asleep. When you arise, work has already been created for you to do! 🙂

geralt / Pixabay

geralt / Pixabay

* * *

Reporting on my blogging escapades for the past year. More victories and triumphs than failures. So here is a summary of the successful efforts.

  • If you have a WordPress blog like this one, My Pain, Your Gain (formerly, “Cmoneyspinner Keeps on Blogging”), then you know that you can go into the “Reading Settings” of your dashboard and check a box to get Related Posts displayed AFTER your blog post and they look terrific! However, you can also use the Zemanta plugin to incorporate both related content – either posts from your blog and/or from around the web. The Zemanta plugin also works on Blogspot. Learn more about Zemanta.
  • You might also try Content Ad. Have not successfully used this widget on WordPress or Blogspot but it worked on Tumblr. Published a detailed explanation of how to use this widget. Content Ad Widgets |

* * As of May 17, 2016 – So by the end of 2016, my Tumblr account was deleted but I created a new account with two new blogs. Unfortunately, this would mean I had to submit the new blogs for approval to use the Content Ad widget. I did not want to do that. Instead, having also set up a new foodie blog using Blogspot in 2016, I requested approval for that blog. The blog was not approved for paid ads but I was allowed to place the widget at my site which was created using my own manually selected links. I’m OK with that. If you visit my foodie blog – Food Ways Presented by Everyday Exotic Spices – scroll down and look for “Content and Products Suggested by EES” to view the CA widget.


Would also like to discuss two other widgets that can help you amplify your blog content:

LIMK and In-Link.

  • Love the LIMK widget. Use the thumbnail version at two of my blogs. It works well on the Blogspot (or Blogger) platform and also on Tumblr. The company that provides this widget allows you to participate revenue-share by incorporating their suggested links in with your related posts widget. It’s a 50/50 split. Visit My Blog Stop! and My Shopping Channel and view the “Recommended for You” posts to see the widget display.
  • Equally love the In-Link widget, which works really well on the Tumblr platform. Use the thumbnail display version at My Fox Nooze (“Similar or Related Posts”) and the text link version at Express Yourself! (“More Posts You Might Like”).

* * As of May 17, 2016 – I ended up removing both of these widgets. Already explained the problem with In Link above. The Limk widget which was supposed to produce a passive income stream, simply wasn’t showing any successful monetization results. In other words, I didn’t make any money. That’s not to say to it won’t work for someone else’s blog.


As a substitute to display related blog post content, I am using Engageya. See Cross-Promote with Suggestions by Engageya. The related posts display well on my Blogspot blogs and on my Tumblr blog.

I have used it here at BlogJob (which is a WordPress blog). However, since the site owners now show Google Adsense Native Ads after each post, the Engageya script was removed.


These work for me. Hope these tips work for you too!


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