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Create a Free Website with is a Do-It-Yourself website builder that has a blogging application and an eCommerce (webstore) feature.

My first attempt at using this DIY tool was for blog publication. Noticed that others had produced pretty nice looking blogs and decided to try it out. It did not work for me. Don’t want to discourage anybody from signing up because other bloggers are publishing their blogs on Weebly with great success.  (Example:  Francene – Views on news)

Besides that, when a website is included in the list of “TIME’s 50 Best Websites”, it has earned a look-see; or in my case, a second look!

Like most companies they offer a free plan with various paid upgrades. For my home business purposes, instead of publishing a blog, decided to create a website as a “portal” and then redirect traffic to my other websites and blogs which have already been up and running for a few years. This astounding feat of magic was accomplished as follows:

  • First, a main page was created, so that if or when a visitor arrives at the site they read a brief Introduction and gain an understanding of the site’s aim and purpose.
  • Next, additional pages were be created using the external links feature. Those links lead directly to my other websites and blogs.
  • Final touch. Because they are allowed for income generation purposes, placed Google AdSense and affiliate referral ads; and for publicizing purposes, placed social media sharing buttons – in strategic locations on the Intro page.

This is my final product. What do you think?

Home Business Works | Cmoneyspinner on Weebly

Cmoneyspinners Home Business Projects2


NOTE: For contrast and comparison, see examples of other websites created using different Do-It-Yourself website builders.

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