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Popular Social Media or Bookmarking Websites – Updated for 2016

First saw this list published in 2013.  It has been updated for 2016.

Top 15 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites | February 2016 – eBizMBA Guide

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Facebook 1 – No surprise it’s number 1. Go where the people are and lots of them are on Facebook.  Have a profile and several business pages.


Twitter 2 – No surprise it’s number 2. Quick updates in real time. Easy way to share blog posts and articles.  Multiple accounts allowed.  What’s not to like?


Pinterest 3 – Electronic replacement for bulletin boards and sticky notes. Makes organizing and collecting, referencing and retrieving super easy.  Can set up account as personal or business.


Google+ 4 – So it’s not Number 1 like Facebook. But being number 4 ain’t exactly bad. Posts and shares by G+ users show in search results. But then … so do Facebook shares.  Just set your profiles or pages to Public.


Tumblr 5 – Freedom. Easy to post and share. Easy to curate content. The social network seems to consists of people who are not on the other social media networks.  May or may not be a good thing that lasts.  Depends on the results of the YAHOO shuffle!


Reddit 6 – Everybody says it’s great. Say your stuff can go viral using this site.  Never had any success with it.


Stumble Upon 7 – Truthfully if you ever need to search for hidden treasure, you could probably discover it using this site.


Digg 8 – Similar experience to the experience with Reddit.


Meta Filter 9 – Honestly? Never heard of it!


News Vine 10 – Used it. Was not impressed. Rather, better to say it did not meet my info technology needs.


Folkd 11 – ??? Include with Meta Filter.


Fark 12 – ??? Include with Meta Filter and Folkd.


Scoop It 13 – Really cool content curation tool. It’s a stand along social and professional network.  Successfully connected with my Google Plus business page and Tumblr to facilitate my content sharing. Can post to and share immediately or at a later date. Can also share at websites or blogs using the embedded scoop feature. Surprised it’s number 13. Should be higher up on the list. (My opinion.)


Slash Dot 14 – ??? Gets tossed into the bucket with Meta Filter, Folkd, and Fark.


Delicious 15 – It’s OK.
If you’re on any of these networks and want to connect with me, let me know.


** LIST UPDATED FOR 2017.  Click here.


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