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Popular Posts at My Blogger Blogs (Sep 2017)

Popular Posts at My Blogger Blogs  (Sep 2017)

In 2016, published a post about my partner blog, My Blog Stop!, because I was excited to report on its Top Ten Most Popular Posts and share a few stats. This information needs to be updated as the 444 posts that had been published at the time have now increased to 600+. Not only that but two more Blogger blogs were set up: one for foodies and food lovers and the other a lifestyle magazine-type blog for people who love everything from art to zombies. Although I have not published any posts about zombies yet. Perhaps I’ll find something to share for Halloween 2017.

Meanwhile, as there are now 3 different blogs to report on, instead of telling about the ten most popular posts, I’ll point you to my Top 5 trending posts for each blog. As of September 2017.

Top 5 Most Posts for My Blog Stop!


Top 5 Posts for Food Ways Presented by EES



Top 5 Most Posts for Joie de Vivre Magazine

Guide to Halloween Superstitions ~ Happy Halloween!

Artist Barnali Bagchi (aka moonbeam1212) …

How Much Are Your Thoughts Worth?

Bio-Facts About Alexander Graham Bell, The Inventor of the Telephone

Ideas for Improving the Harmony and Balance of Your Home or Office


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