Happy Teachers’ Day! Celebrate and Honor a Teacher.

Happy Teachers’ Day!  Celebrate and Honor a Teacher.

Days set aside to honor teachers. May 3rd is National Teacher Appreciation Day; and in fact, in 2016, the entire week was devoted to teacher appreciation.

World Teachers’ Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is held annually on October 5 since 1994, commemorates teacher organizations worldwide.

You can’t put a price tag on an excellent teacher that inspires you to achieve excellence. You can’t even say they are worth their weight in gold times 10 bazillion because that estimate would be far too low. Can’t speak for others but as for me, all of my teachers were a blessing and to this day, I am reaping the benefits from the education they gave me.

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Sharing links to some of my old blog posts and articles which addressed the topic of education or teachers as my way of giving teachers all around a “digital hug”.  🙂

What a Teacher Does for You

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From DIE-ary to Diary and Beyond!

  One of my daughters recounts her 7th grade experience with teachers. At least they cared enough to notice she was there. 🙂

Unstoppable Me!: 10 Ways to Soar Through Life by Wayne Dyer

  A teacher for another one of my daughters recommended this book by Dr. Dyer, when she was in elementary school. It’s a cute poem that helps build a child’s self-esteem. It’s a good book if for no other reason than it uses the words “unstoppable” and “soar” in the title. 🙂 Published a review via HUBPages.

Create Your Own Rainbow and Own It!

  Published this article via Medium and in Higher Education Revolution requested my permission to republish it. What an honor!

Successful People Who Studied Abroad


quotes-about-teachersThis final link share is not mine but if we’re going to talk teacher we can not overlook the importance of the impact technology has on our education system.

During my childhood, the essentials to prepare you for life used to be the 3 Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic. Now there are 3 Rs and 2 Cs. “C” for Coding and the other “C” for Cyber Security. No point denying it or ignoring it. These are necessary skills that should be taught as a part of the educational curriculum for preparing a child to become a productive member of society and the workforce.

Check out some of the content curated at this topic channel.

21st Century Learning and Teaching

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