For Home Biz Entrepreneurs | Gleanings: March 2016

The first week of April is over and the second week has begun.  It’s a good time to review, summarize and keep for further research or future reference useful information accumulated during the month of March. Should have started this “Gleanings” initiative at the beginning of the year. That way there would be posts for Jan and February. But! The idea just came to me.

March’s Flower, The Violet by Constance Lael Framed

Framed Art Print 'March's Flower, The Violet' by Constance Lael


Freelance Writing, Blogging and Home Business Tips

How the 80-20 Rule Affects Freelance Writers ~ The 80/20 Rule is also known as The Pareto Principle, named for the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who made the observation. The principle can be applied to personal or business. How does it work? Determine what accounts for 80% percent of your time, effort and energy; call it TEE. Then analyze and calculate the 20% of your TEE that yields 80% of your most profitable results. Then redirect your TEE and focus on those areas. Not as easy as it sounds. What am I saying? It doesn’t even sound easy! But it’s always practical to develop quality and performance measurements, so you don’t keep going in circles and never getting anywhere.

6 Irresistible Blogging Tools to Increase Your Productivity and Traffic ~ Practical blogging advice, especially: Tool Number 4 – Get the most from Google Webmaster Tools; and Tool Number 6 – is a free tool to help find related terms and improve chances of your content being found via organic or generic searches.

5 Pinterest Strategies That Drive Big Traffic ~ All proven strategies. Can’t do all five? Do the ones you can do to increase traffic and promote your business.

How To Get More Followers On Pinterest ~ You want to promote your affiliate marketing website or blog via Pinterest but need more followers? Here are the steps. Recommend learning more about the Wealthy Affiliate Online University.


Miscellaneous (Science, Technology, History, Art,

Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Politics, Etc.)

Gathered these tidbits because my home business projects include websites and blogs that focus on food, health, travel, education, shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle, i.e. just personal/random stuff I like.

5 Free Online Resources That Will Skyrocket Your Skills ~ Do you think you can’t improve your skills or continue your education because you can’t afford to? Think again. Excuses be gone!

Searching for Chinese Treasures ~ Short blog post about where to look for hidden treasure. The beauty of these discoveries is the “treasure” is not just gold or silver, but often unlocking mysteries, solving puzzles or finding out something nobody even knew!

The Story of the Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Cover Photo ~ Beatlemania is incurable and people never get tired of learning trivia and fascinating facts about the Fab Four.

10 Forgotten Republics From World History ~ Remember the Lanfang Republic, Tlaxcala, Zaporozhia (Cossacks), Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain), the Phoenicians? No? It’s OK. They were forgotten. 🙂 History buffs and history dabblers will love this article.

Healthy Recipes for National Nutrition Month ~ March was National Nutrition Month but these 3 recipes are for all year long. Under 300 Calories!

9 Ways to Eat Flaxseed for Healthy Benefits ~ According to HealthLine, “flaxseeds are one of the superfood trends that actually live up to the hype”. Good to know! It’s an egg substitute and so much more.

Making Sense of Salt: Healthy Salt Substitutes for Those Who Need to Reduce Sodium Intake ~ Advice on how to “Get Salt-Smart!”

 That’s it for March.

Cubes with March sign© Photographer: Doomu


Gleanings (definition):

(1) Things that have been collected bit by bit.

(2) In agriculture, the useful remnants of a crop that can be gathered from the field after harvesting.

(3) Things found or acquired by gleaning.

Source: gleanings



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