How My Online Friends Use StumbleUpon to Promote My Blog

  • NOTE (June 2018):  This content may or may not be up to date.  StumbleUpon changed their platform.  The site is now called

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Many people say you can’t make genuine friends online. I disagree but why argue with those who say you can’t.  Just move on and enjoy the friendships you create while they debate.  Even though you may never meet your friend face to face, you can still learn so much from them and share with them too. Over the years since the social networks opened up plus online writing communities and discussion forums started sprouting everywhere, my paths have crossed with so many people who have similar and/or different interests and ideas. They have taught me a lot and helped me with my work at home projects. Even though they did not receive monetary payment or compensation for their assistance they were still generous and gracious with their time. For them, I do my best my to return the favor. For others, I try to help even though the favor can not be returned.

“StumbleUpon is basically a discovery engine of entertainment that recommends photography, art, humor, fashion, sports, technology and just about every other topic you can think of.” (What is StumbleUpon and How Does it Work? | Small Business Trends)

NOTE: It’s OK to share your links via StumbleUpon but it’s sort of frowned upon when users only share their own links.  But if somebody else shares your links that type of activity is encouraged.  In this instance, I’m returning a favor because I found one of my BlogJob posts in my online friend’s StumbleUpon collection of “Likes”.  That was cool!  ( 🙂

Mentioned this particular online friend before in another of my posts ( Do You Know What Gives You Energy? ).  She has special knowledge regarding diet and nutrition, alternative medicine, holistic health and natural remedies.  We follow each other around on the web.  Her articles are very informative.  Her shares and likes of her interests are often eye-opening as well. You can check out her profile on StumbleUpon.  However, if you don’t have time to browse, as she has over 5,000 shares ( in contrast to my profile which has about 50 shares.), let me just suggest a few of her “Likes”.


Alternative Health:



Fine Arts:

Untranslatable Words By Marija Tiurina





  1. Soraya Bowie

    Did you used to write for Persona Paper? Fairly certain I recognise your username 🙂

    I think it’s true I’ve made a few great friends online. If you put the effort in quite often you will get the same back.

    • cmoneyspinner

      Yes I did write for PersonaPaper and I would still be there if it weren’t for the fact that they have plans to discontinue and are in the process of tidying up shop. They closed their doors Jan 30, 2016. Have not received payment yet for work done there. I’m in the process of transplanting my content elsewhere. I really liked that site. I liked the publishing platform. I liked the people. But! Had to move on. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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