Understanding the Results of Your Psychoanalysis


Here’s the scenario. A psychological evaluation is wholly conclusive and has revealed your personality traits so that not only do you know who you are, but so does everybody else! Oh no! Can I be cured from being me? The results say:

Personality types

1. I’m an introvert. OK! Introverts don’t talk much and enjoy quiet and solitude which is not the same as being alone.

2. I’m an Outcast. Outcasts are pushed aside because they are different. But who wants to be a cheap knock off of somebody else?

3. I’m shy. Hmmmm? No problem! Shy is a synonym for sensitive. The more my heart melts, the sweeter my personality gets.  🙂

4. I’m antisocial. Prefer to think of it as participating and interacting with others from a distance.

Enneagram Gradient Description White5. I’m an extrovert. Extroverts are the life of the party! They usually always mean well and are amazing at making others feel welcome!

6. I’m an ambivert. LOL. Had to look that up. Apparently ambiverts are a “blend”, i.e. a combination of both introvert and extrovert characteristics. So? I successfully merged two different personality types? Don’t say it like it’s a bad thing!

Personality types overview7. I have low self-esteem. Well … uuuhh … low self-esteem is not the same as burn-out. Your assessment is duly noted and accepted as an incentive to climb higher. (O.o)

8. I am NOT a bully. Whew! Good to know! But didn’t need to undergo psychoanalysis to figure that out. Pushing other people around is not cool! Plus! Who ever met a strong wise bully?

9. I drank a bottle of my tears. Is that a personality type? If it is then … so what! It relieved my thirst. Refreshed, replenished and ready. Bring it! Hello Commander. Broken Heart reporting for duty. Broken crayons can still color! Yeah!

10. I am __________________. Nothing is set in stone. Everyday is a new day and another chance to be me!

( P.S. Thanks to my youngest daughter for sharing her ideas and helping me write this post. 🙂 )



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