Celebrate Yogi Berra and National Reading Month

“I’m not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia. Let them walk to school like I did.” – Yogi Berra (1925 – 2015), American Professional Baseball Player / Manager / Coach (National Baseball Hall of Fame)

Some think encyclopedias are old school.
The point is – they do school you! 🙂

Mr. Berra’s quote made me laugh. He must have been joking. When my siblings and I were growing up, even though we were not financially well off, my late mother made sure we had a “BED” (a Bible, a set of encyclopedias, and a dictionary).  Very grateful because those books widened my world and one of my favorite things was a visit to the public library.



On a more serious note. In the United States of America, schools and libraries are commonplace and available for everyone. Not so in many places around the world. Wanted to use this blog post to make others aware of an NGO (Non-Governmental Program) that has a project to supply books to needy children. To learn more, click the related blog post Gift a book for rural children or visit the official website Aham Bhumika.

March is National Reading Month

Are you celebrating?

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Suggested Links:

Read 700 Free eBooks Made Available by the University of California Press ~ This links dates back to 2014 but the collection I still online and you can browse by subject from African-American Studies to Zoology.

(Celebrities With) Books ~ A cool Tumblr blog with photographs of celebrities like Grace Kelly, Sean Connery, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda and others, reading books. The blog’s tagline is: “Because nothing is sexier than reading”.

6 books recommended for those with an interest in Sherlock Holmes ~ Most people like the famous detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But some folks are downright Sherlock Holmes’ junkies and can’t get enough of any kind of background information, facts and trivia about Holmes.

Ten Plus One Books Worth Reading ~ My picks.

The National Standard Encyclopedia (Classic Reprint)

Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology



  1. shaloowalia

    I didn’t know that fact! In any case, my days are incomplete without reading.

    • cmoneyspinner

      Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment. Apologize for the delay in responding back. I know what you mean. Even if it’s just a brief article or short blog post or a couple of lines in a discussion forum or a quote! Have to read something!

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