Popular Posts at My Blog Stop! (As of Feb 2016)

Popular Posts at My Blog Stop! (As of Feb 2016)

Publishing more than one blog on different platforms is a full time but productive and profitable endeavor.  Blogspot.com or Blogger.com is the official Google blogging platform.  Google purchased the Blogger web service in 2003.  A little business trivia, if you’re interested.

Presented a blog entry at My Blog Stop! (MBS) singing the praises of this site in a post titled: Top Ten Popular Posts at My BlogJob Site.

Quid pro quo. In this entry, reporting on my blogging activities at MBS – offering a contrast and comparison for my friends and followers here at BlogJob.


Blog Title: My Blog Stop!
– Statement of Purpose:  My personal and home business blog which complements and supplements multiple WAHM projects grouped together as Cmoneyspinner’s Home Business Projects.
– Post Archive Dates: 2014 – 2016
– Total Number of Posts: 444


As of today, Feb 25, 2016, these are my Top Ten Most Popular Posts since the blog began.


My Tumblr Blog – Featured Post – Spotlight on a very talented teenage artist.


The Snowman-Costa Rica Link – Recommendations: Travel and/or a Movie


Dream Italian? Think Italian. Be Italian! – Italy is probably on everybody’s Places to Visit bucket list.


Native American Female Artist: Betty Albert – Popular female contemporary artist.


myLot.com – Can First Impressions Be Trusted? – This site is a discussion forum that is growing in membership and popularity. Income potential.


Art Posters – Christmas Floral Paintings – Flowers are beautiful all year round but especially during this holiday season.


Matcha Tea is Body Fuel – Writedge.com– Body fuel that the Japanese must have always known about.


Go Your Own Way (“The Preacher’s Wife”) – If you’re a fan of Denzel Washington or Whitney Houston. It’s a remake of an old movie. Corny as ever! But I enjoyed it!


Throwback: Joe Cocker (1944 – 2014) – We lost this artist in 2014 and wanted to remember him.


The Grocery Garden – Growing real food: 7 Easy to Grow Edible Flowers – It’s so hard to eat pretty food!


Serendipity Cheese Gift Box – The Fruit Company 

This assortment solves the dilemma about what to get – cheese or fruit.

There is plenty of both

Smokey touvelle and herb havarti cheese combined with top quality, sun-ripened apples, pears and kiwi, with mint truffles and honey wheat crackers.  Yum!



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