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Happy Isles Brand, Pineapple Can Label, c.1930s (Vintage art) – AllPosters

What time is it?

  •  Starting writing my puzzler meme answers at 3:07 CST USA, Austin, Texas.


Quick. What’s the first green thing you see?

  •  Don’t see nothing. But the cup I just drank out of is turquoise. That’s blue and green.


Do you like those Sudoku puzzles?

  • No. ??? Actually I don’t know. Heard of them but never did one … or played one … or whatever it is you do with a Sudoku puzzle.

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Do you own a plaid shirt?

  • My daughter like plaids. It’s been a while since I’ve worn one.  Received a plaid blouse in some second hand clothes that were given to me.


What’s your favorite kind of pie?

  • Apple pie is my first choice. But if blueberry and sweet potato were also being offered, I’d just eat all three slices. 🙂


Have you read a book today?

  • A whole book? Who has time to read a whole book in one day???


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Do you like going to museums?

  • Yes! But I don’t go anywhere any more other than the grocery store and worship services.  Also like going to libraries.


Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? Or your nation’s capital?

  • First time I visited D.C. and several times later, it as on official government business. Then I relocated my family and worked there for almost 8 years. I survived!  Don’t want to go back!


Have you ever been to the state of Washington?

  • No. But it is on my imaginary bucket list of “Places to See Before I Die”.


Do you like apple juice?

  • Yes. But pineapple juice is even better!


How cold is it outside?

  • Bright and sunny with a chilly nip in the air. Cold enough for a heavy sweater or a sweater with a jacket.


Have you ever taken a course in Chemistry?

  • Took chemistry in high school. Even though I got good grades … hated it!


Do you like to draw?

  • I do. But not sure anybody would call it a “drawing” when they looked at it.


What do you put on your french fries?

  • Used to dip skinny fries in ketchup. But if you want to treat me special melt some cheddar cheese on top of a basket of fries and sprinkle with bacon bits. I will love you forever!


Do you like everything to match?

  • If I put it together, it matches!


Do you like mustard?

  • Yes. It’s my secret ingredient in several recipes.


Would you ever work at a movie theater?

  • If there was a steady paycheck in it! Yeah!


Do you have a phone charger in your car?

  • Yes. I think. I think my son says the cigarette lighter can charge a phone. (???)


Have you ever slept through an alarm?

  • Oh no! I wake up, hit the snooze button, and then go back to sleep. 🙂


Do you like pineapple on pizza?

  • It’s not my favorite pizza topping but if it was served to me I would eat it.  It’s pizza!


Do you like to hold hands?

  • Sure! How can you be a mom and not like to hold hands. You have to hold your children’s hands! 🙂 (Image credit: glitter-graphics.com)


Do you want a tattoo?

  • No. Not even a fake one. I don’t want a tattoo.  But if I were to get one, it would be fake!


When is the last time you ordered from a catalog?

  • Can’t remember.  There was once a time when I did a lot of my shopping via catalogs.


Do you know anyone who has a collection of old records?

  • My husband.


What’s the name of the gas station you last stopped at?

  • H-E-B. It’s also a grocery store.


What was the first song you heard today?

  • The music on the telly is background music and I can’t remember what it was.


Have you ever gotten a magazine subscription as a gift?

  • Can’t remember. In high school though, one of my friends like to given them as gifts. Can’t remember if she ever gave me one though. If so it probably would have been Seventeen magazine.


What was the last video you watched on YouTube?

  • Can’t remember. But I have a Pinterest board where I sometimes pin my favorite YT videos.


Have you ever sacrificed something for someone you love?

  • “Nothing is a sacrifice for someone I love.” And you can quote me on that.  Not even my favorite Chinese dish from my favorite Chinese restaurant.  Don’t quote me on that!  🙂


Have you ever had your picture in the newspaper?

  • It was a paper for the university that I attended. Does that count?


Done!  Your turn!  🙂



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