In 2015, Millions of Americans Live on $2 a Day

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It’s Election Day in America!

Let’s hope the new POTUS will change this.
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This is a “study” alright. Not sure everything in the article presents a true picture. Can say this, in truth. If a country has a welfare program, then its purpose should be to assist the people who need assistance.

Speaking as a child who was a welfare recipient, can state for a fact that the free food we received kept us from going hungry. In other words, the assistance received was help needed and very much appreciated. But never for one minute did I entertain the thought – “Oh well! Ain’t gonna ever be hungry. Cause the government will provide!”  Not me! Couldn’t wait to reach adulthood. Wanted to get out of those circumstances and not have to rely on gov’t welfare to feed myself or my family.

Now if the country’s leaders (President Clinton or whomever) realized that the welfare system was just creating deadbeats who didn’t work or who worked only just enough to make sure that their government benefits (for which they eligible and qualified for because of their income) didn’t get cut off … if the political leaders decided it was time for was welfare reform, well then they were spot on!

But if they set out to reform the ways and means assisting the needy, made changes and so-called improvements, and the post-welfare program is no better than the pre-welfare program, then … “the poor you will have always with you”.

Linking to an article published in The Atlantic, which is a well-known and highly respected publication.  The article is dated September 2013, as in this is happening NOW!!

According to a study there are 1.5 Million American Households Living on $2.00 Per Day; and … are not receiving government assistance at all. When asked why – evidently, it’s a consequence of welfare reform. What kind of ignorance is this?






  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I get really tired of hearing people complain about all the abuse. There is some abuse, but most who receive benefits really need it – and actually need more. I’m all for a universal basic income. Then people can stop whining.

    • cmoneyspinner

      As a child who benefited from the government HEW (health, education and welfare) programs and as a child who also saw how the program was abused and is being abused by those who don’t need the financial assistance, my conclusion is that the problem is not with the programs’ goal, objective or mission. It’s with “how” the programs are administered.

      If you open a front door for people to walk in and then leave a back door wide open that let others “sneak in”, there will be abuse.

      The citizens are right to complain if the programs are not being administered properly. It means the tax funds allocated to the program are not being properly spent and the mission is not being accomplished because the government employees who are being paid (also with tax funds) are not doing their job.

      There are laws against government waste, abuse and fraud. There should always be procedures in place to prevent it. I’m more tired of the fact that the abuse occurs and there is no excuse or reason why it happened when it was not really that difficult to implement policies, practices and procedures and systems to stop it from happening.

      Sorry if I sound “preachy”. Thanks for leaving a comment. Always nice sharing thoughts with you. 🙂 Also, thanks for tweeting this. 🙂

  2. Andria Perry

    I am going for living on $0 everyday . There is so much abuse on the welfare system they cannot keep up with it . I know people who gets checks and smokes it up in crack in one day . Get food stamps only to give them away for dope. Things are bad .

    • cmoneyspinner

      Yes. The picture you paint is bleak and even bleaker because it’s probably true. Have known people who abused the system without a conscience or any feelings that they were doing something very wrong and should not be doing it. As long as they didn’t caught …

      You are an honorary visitor as you are the first person to leave a comment. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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