Who Qualifies As a Talented Photographer?

Who Qualifies As a Talented Photographer?

Do you know who qualifies as a talented photographer?

– Do you have to be granted special access to take pictures of famous people like John and Jackie Kennedy or celebrities like Beyoncé and Bobbie De Niro?

– Do you have to be able to capture images of the horrors of war or destruction caused by natural disasters that will (hopefully) never be repeated again?

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– Do you have to own a camera?

Well, if you use my definition as your selection criteria, then talented photographers are simply awesomely gifted people who can use a camera to create precious, special and memorable moments in time.

In my book, if you can do that you’re qualified and go on my list as a talented photographer.

At one time, I published a blog which was called “My Diversity Corner” (MDVC). It was a collection of articles written by me and links to other interesting reads that, in my humble opinion, promoted understanding and harmony. That blog is no longer being published and my diversity collection is instead being maintained on Pinterest via my pinboard labeled Cutural Diversity; and also curating content on Scoop.it under the general topic Soceity & Culture. My first MDVC entry was posted August 2011, but there was one post published in 2012 that was consistently the most popular for the entire year. It was about famous multiracial celebrities*.

Founded in 1925, the University of Miami is th...

Founded in 1925, the University of Miami is the oldest college in Florida south of Winter Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The blog post was sharing a link to an article published by another freelance writer named Susan Eckert, who among her many talents, is not only an excellent writer but also a very talented photographer. Unfortunately, her articles are no longer available to the public online. The article she wrote caught my eye because it had a picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who attended the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. Use that fact to brag about the celebrities that attended the same institution of higher learning as yours truly (moi!); even though I was long gone from the university before Mr. Johnson arrived. *[You can check out my mug shot. IBIS 1976 Yearbook, Page 109, Top Row, Sister with the FRO!]

Ms. Eckert’s photography website inspired me to create another pinboard; and point people in the direction of links to discoveries of other talented photographers like her. View a sampling of pins below or click link to view my entire Pinterest collection. Talented Photographers

*If interested in the topic of multiracial celebrities, try this link: mixedremixed.org

* * *NOTE: Content at one time appeared on a website called Squidoo, which was subsequently acquired by HUBPages. This content was not republished at HP and is being shared here.

Found on Pinterest

Original photo link: Yuko Azuma – My nickname is “BOSS”

Found on Pinterest

Original photo link: HoHyun Lee – “Beautiful Dew Drops”



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* * *

dollarATTN: Talented photographers. Extra Income Opportunity! Need a way to give your work more exposure and earn supplemental income?

Register free at dreamstime.com and upload your first files. Quality-based photos will be accepted. As soon as your application is accepted, your files will be available for sale on the site. Excellent revenue-sharing agreement. The photographers featured on this board were selected because they’re are gifted (my opinion) not because they use this service. This is just a suggestion for extra $$$.

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  1. kimdalessandro

    I’m not a great photographer, but my daughter seems to have a natural talent for taking photos. I read recently that a photo of an orange went for an astronomical amount of money. I don’t recall the details, but my first thought was why. Come to find out, it was taken by a famous photographer. If an average person took a picture of an orange it wouldn’t capture attention let alone garner tens of thousands of dollars. I love the photos that you’ve posted here. The dew drops are amazing works of natural art and the kids are precious. Their smiles are genuine. 🙂

    • cmoneyspinner

      It was so hard to narrow down my selection to present with this post. But those little girls do have smiles that are contagious; and I love photographs that capture the intricate details of nature that we so often take for granted. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Narayan

    I agree with you.. it’s not about the costly cameras or the people we snap.. I too believe that even an amateur photographer can be a good photographer if what one snaps is creative and it can have great deeper meanings!
    Thanks for the suggestion about dreamstime 🙂

  3. blueberry

    I always want to capture great photos but I lack the right skills so I’m still learning. Though I would consider checking the link you gave.

    • cmoneyspinner

      I’ve never been good with a camera but my husband and kids love it! Thanks for visiting.

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