From DIE-ary to Diary and Beyond!

From DIE-ary to Diary and Beyond!

Enjoy your childhood.
It sure doesn’t last very long.

Surviving adolescence takes determination to get through it and it helps if you have something wholesome and productive to keep yourself occupied while the time passes. Also, having a great community library with computers nearby where you live is a definite plus.

Surviving adulthood? Hmmmm?
Guess that’s why there are so many reality TV shows.

This story (or journal entry) is a blend of fiction and non-fiction and was actually inspired by two people: one known and one unknown. The gifted singer, songwriter and musician, Sinead O’Connor is the known. Her biography is very touching. The unknown person will come to be known if they’re determined to continue on their path to success, as an artist / illustrator.


You used to be my DIE-ary. But that was in 7th grade.

7th grade was the worst year of my life, in terms of emotions; my best year in terms of grades. I didn’t smile very much that year. Even my younger sister’s stupid antics couldn’t make me laugh.

In fact, one would describe me as overly quiet and shy. If one were asked, that is. But one was never asked. Because if one had been asked, one would have also noticed that not only was I overly quiet and shy, but I was also extremely irritable. Of course, I didn’t blow up at anybody or anything. No outward display of emotion of rage or hysteria. Just that internalized keep-it-to-yourself type of irritation. No point hurting someone’s feelings if they’re not the source of your irritation. Right?

stickerAt school, I was somewhat known; known as that recluse who sat in the back, in the corner, always drawing during the lesson, never paying attention, but still managing to get A+. My Math teacher tried to get me to talk for a whole year. My English teacher became obsessed with my artwork. My History teacher wondered how I could be drawing during the lessons and still get A+ on the tests. I didn’t cheat. I couldn’t! As I said: I sat in the back, in a corner and no one was around me. Had my teacher never heard of multitasking? My Science teacher wasn’t curious about me because I did have one friend in that class. Guess that meant I wasn’t weird or maladjusted and in need of counseling.

I really enjoy art. Anime art. That’s my specialty. I draw all kinds of characters and give them complex names and personalities. I have lots and lots of sketches in my bedroom. My art went downhill for a while. At least, I thought I did. People would say the drawings were good. But they weren’t they way I wanted them to be. Most of my drawings during my 7th grade year looked like kids my age who were about to burst into tears. Nevertheless, at the age of 14, I set up an email address, created a business card, a website, and started trying to sell some of my art. My mom and dad had no idea. Hey! My report card had As; and they never heard any major complaints from me or my teachers. Very seldom did I go to parties or other social events. The library was my place to hang out. Besides, my parents were sort of dealing with “the others”. 5 sisters, 5 brothers, plus me equal 11. Yeah. There were 10 “others”. Go figure how I could have possibly gotten overlooked.

Eh! I made it through 7th grade. My remaining school years went by in a flash. Now I’m pursuing my career in art full-time. Man! The competition out there is fierce! Sure seems like it was a lot easier to sell my art to my friends when I was in 7th grade.

Oh well. Can’t turn back the clock!!

The Best Self-Help Tool Ever Invented

I am older now and though life is still filled with unnecessary drama, it can be turned on and off like a water faucet. For me, most of the time, it’s turned off. The best self-help tool God ever invented was an ON/OFF switch in the human brain.  🙂

* * *NOTE: Content at one time appeared on a website called Squidoo, which was subsequently acquired by HUBPages. This content was not republished at HP and is being shared here.

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