Healthy Weight Loss is Not an Elusive Butterfly

Healthy Weight Loss is Not an Elusive Butterfly

It’s a new year and the first month of the year is almost over. One of the most common goals or objectives that many people resolve to do each and every year is what? Weight loss. Right!

But no sooner than you get started, you get discouraged or disheartened and write it off as chasing an elusive butterfly that you will never catch? Right?

Eh! Pretty much! Yep! That’s what usually happens.

For many of us, the difficulty in achieving this goal lies in the fact that we just don’t have any discipline when we go to the grocery store. Especially grocery stores that give out free samples of food!

But what if we had a chef who prepared our meals for us? You say: “Sure! But I’m not a celebrity like Sarah McLachlan who has her chef travel around with her, grocery shops for her, and prepares her meals, so that she doesn’t eat junk food while she’s on the road.”

BistroMD eliminates that excuse by offering a diet plan that can help you accomplish your weight loss goals.  Not only do they offer a diet meal delivery plan, but they have customized plans like diabetic meals to keep your blood sugar in check; and gluten free meals. Furthermore, they have a program for women and a program for men.

Their diet and nutrition philosophy sounds practical.

  • “Don’t focus in eating less. Focus on eating better.”

The science behind the approach sounds even more practical.

  • No fad diets or gimmicks. Almost anybody can lose weight? But can you take it off and keep it off? Or does your weight go up and down, and up and down, which is very unhealthy?
  • Healthy and long-term weight loss is achieved through a balanced nutrition plan that ensures that you receive the proper “macronutrients” (i.e. appropriate amounts of lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, etc.).

Of course, you have to add in the “stick to it” ingredient on your own.  It’s weight control.  Not mind control!

Eating healthy does not have to be hard and you do not have to give up taste and flavor. Sound like a plan that would interest you? Don’t know about the men but for sure this should interest the ladies. No cooking? We want in! With or without Nespresso and George Clooney! 🙂


It’s a New Year. Why not become a New You?

You’ve got nothing to lose except the weight that you want to lose anyway!  🙂


BistroMD offers delicious meals and fresh ingredients! Delivered to your door!
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