Shaniqua Asks: Are young people worse off today than previous generations?

Shaniqua Asks:  Are young people worse off today than previous generations?


Every generation has a song about “youth” or “being young”. Probably every generation has old folks telling young folks about the “good old days” which certainly appear to have been “good” because hindsight is always 20/20.  🙂

Members from three generations enjoying Sakela...

Members from three generations enjoying Sakela Silli at Tundikhel last Saturday on the occasion of Sakela ‘Ubhauli’ festival. Different Sakela Silli (styles) were demonstrated by different types of Kirat. This festival, once banned by one of the Malla kings, was again officially recognized by the government as the Kirat’s festival in 2058. It is gaining popularity among young generation. Published at EU link ^ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Young People Insight logoIn her blog post, “Are young people worse off today than previous generations?”, writer Shaniqua Marie, sounds like she’s describing the world the way it was when Jesus entered the timeline of the history of mankind. Not much difference between the Roman Empire and our world today.

So the technology of today is the Internet; and the technology of my day was the telephone and the television. Young people in the 21st century aren’t worse off than previous generations. In every generation there are those stay focused on reality, they value human life, they cherish their relationships, they want to contribute something for the good of all mankind, they want to leave this world a better place than when they entered it.

It’s a conscious decision they make each and every day of their lives.

English: Illustration about new internet gener...

English: Illustration about new internet generation web2.0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you have more “tech toys” to play with I had when I was growing up. Who invented the toys? Did the inventor not have a brain, an intelligent mind, an ability to discern between good and evil? If those toys break, won’t they still have the same brain they can use to fix the toys or make better ones?

Each new generation can and should embrace opportunities or chances to make things better. But to ponder if things are worse? First of all, your weren’t living back then. Whatever happened has already happened. It’s a done deal! Unless you are reviewing the previous generation for contrast and comparison so you don’t make the same mistakes, then … why even entertain that thought about if things were better or worse?

When you born, you came into this world with a blank mind, a “clean skin”, pure and uncontaminated. No matter your background, your upbringing, your country, etc. … IF you have been blessed to be able to even consider the state or condition of the world you live in … if you’re not content with your environment, you do something about it. This is your world now! You can build it or you can destroy it. The generations of the past have passed. They are not going to care what you do! “As for the dead, they know nothing. But the living know that they shall die.” Every generation repeats the process. They live and then they die.

That was an excellent post Ms. Shaniqua.


Chose not to leave a comment because my thoughts are rather lengthy. But spoke (or wrote) in the same manner, as if counseling or speaking to my own children.

Go ahead child and make your world better. 🙂

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Are young people worse off today than previous generations?

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