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2015: A Look Back – Freedom of the Press – Jailed Journalists

2015: A Look Back – Freedom of the Press – Jailed Journalists

2015: A Look Back – Freedom of the Press – Jailed Journalists

In the USA we have a wonderful set of channels that broadcast under the umbrella of “PBS” which stands for Public Broadcasting Service. It’s wonderful because they really do provide a service to the public and citizens don’t have to pay for cable or satellite TV to view the programs.

At Bubblews (an online writing community that closed its doors Nov 2015 because of “difficulties”) they had a tagline which said “Speak freely. Write your world.”   I like that!

Each day in the evening, Monday through Friday, the PBS News Hour presents informative, fact-filled reports on what happening in the country and around the world.   At the beginning of 2015, there was a report about three (3) journalists who are in prison. They are accused of participating in terrorist activities because they are / were employed by a particular news organization and they was going to be a retrial.

REFERENCE: A look back at a significant event at the beginning of the year; report dated January 1, 2015  –   Will a retrial in Egypt free three jailed journalists?

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QUESTION: Is the idea of locking up journalists new news?


The New-York Weekly Journal; Date: 01-07-1733

The New-York Weekly Journal; Date: 01-07-1733 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Found an interesting historical note about a US journalist named Jon Peter Zenger. He published the New York ‘Weekly Journal’ and got himself thrown into prison for attacking the colonial administration. He was accused of libel. Libel is when you publish a statement, report, etc. – without due cause – which has the result of or with the intent of discrediting a person (or organization) and/or destroying the subject’s good reputation.

Fortunately, Mr. Zenger had a good lawyer. Alexander Hamilton argued that if he was telling the truth, then that was sufficient to prove that he was not guilty. Zing!! Zenger was acquitted of all charges.

This trial helped promote freedom of the press in America and supported integrity in journalism. Let’s hope the 3 journalists serving time in a jail in Egypt have a fearless legal team that can defend them and secure their release. The world needs honest news reporters who just do their jobs and tell the truth.




HONORING America’s Leaders:
– John Peter Zenger (1697 – 1746)
– Alexander Hamilton (1755 – 1804)


* Happy 2016!!! *
Freedom is always on my New Year’s wish list.





  1. Nana

    I am very appreciated for the freedom to write your world and PBS is a wonderful channel for enntire family thank you

  2. Bharat Sharma

    Here too, we have a channel network provided by the governement and it is completley free to subscribe to it ( but you will have to spend one time money on buying their dish) but it is not so successful as don’t broadcast a lot of entertaining shows and they are still stuck in 90’s . It is true that 90 was a golden time ( compared to present ) but still there should be some kind of freshness. This network is very good if anyone want to know about the culture and heritage of our nation in depth but not for the entertainment purpose. As far as News is concerned, if anyone want to see the news in the most simplest way ( without any glitters and stupid things like breaking news ( even though there was nothing to break ) ) then this is the best network. They simply broadcast news and no bull-spit .

    About the journalists arrest. This is the not the first time ( and this will not be even the last ) when journalists got arrested. The fact is that these days there is so much politics involved in it that it is better to keep quiet if you don’t have complete information about it or if you are not following the news for a long time. I prefer to keep mum on this topic, as I don’t know much about it and although you mentioned about it in your post; it all went over my head.

    • cmoneyspinner

      Appreciate you stopping by my blog and thanks very much for your insights and thoughts.

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