Writedge.com Writers Earn Residual Income : Review and Recap

Writedge.com Writers Earn Residual Income : Review and Recap

Started writing for Writedge.com a year ago (2014). It’s a great site for freelance writers where you can earn residual or passive income. The set up is very similar to BlogJob.com in that the owners share revenue by allowing you to use Google AdSense (or compatible alternative affiliate advertisements.). The site is similar to other online writing communities like HUBPages.com or Wizzley.com, in that it’s a great place to park your evergreen content. “Evergreen” meaning content that can generate income for years to come, long after the initial publication date. You can earn while you sleep, as they say.

Below is a list of the title of all of my articles accepted by Writedge. You can find the links by viewing my writer’s profile. They were fun to write. Hope readers think they’re fun to read as well.

  • The Bing Bing BUY Button
  • Content.Ad Free Widgets and Tumblr
  • Create Web Page with Netboard.me
  • Body Fuel: 2015 Nutrition Trends
  • Preacher Kids
  • Let’s Have a Party! Who Wants Soup?
  • Improve Your Blog Posts or Your Blog: Choose!
  • Paris, France and Miami, Florida Have One Thing in Common. Moi!
  • The Appointment: a Novel by Herta Müller
  • Kathleen Woodiwiss: Historical Romance Novels
  • Read a Self Help Book For a U.S. History Perspective
  • Dr. Dobson’s Parenting Advice is Proven

Since the holiday season comes once every year, wanted to take a moment to recap two of the articles that, in my opinion, promote having healthy and happy holidays and a happy new year.

“Per Tori Jarzabkowski, who writes for Austin Fit Magazine, the nutrition trends for 2015 are in a direction just a tad bit different from eating the meals prepared by momma and grandma.” In an effort to take extra measures to ensure their health and wellness, many Americans are choosing to adopt eating habits that incorporate foods that are considered “body fuel” like kimchi and matcha tea. Even though these healthier eating trends started in 2015 and the year is almost over, no reason why the one should not continue on into the New Year and beyond! ~ Read more at Body Fuel: 2015 Nutrition Trends

Winter can be fun and holiday entertaining can be easy. We all love the holiday season. We don’t all get to enjoy it though. Here’s a fun way to have a gathering with family and friends that could turn out so well, you may just make it a tradition! RIDDLE: When the weather outside is cold and frightful, what makes your tummy feel warm and delightful? ANSWER: A hearty bowl of soup! Ever hear of a soup party? If not, you’re hearing about from me. Invite family and friends to a weekend get together and tell them to bring their favorite soup and board game. ~ Read more at Let’s Have a Party! Who Wants Soup?


Vegetable beef barley soup

Vegetable beef barley soup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



P.S. In case you do live in places like Florida, Texas or Hawaii, you can still “think” winter. 🙂


Winter Friends Christmas Scene Setters

Snowy Christmas Insta-View Party Accessory

Mr. Christmas Winter Moonlight IlluminArt 

North Pole Christmas Scene Setters




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    That’s annoying isn’t it? When you know it’s not anything you’re doing wrong and you can’t access your own stuff. Downright aggravating! Most of the time I have no problems signing into my DTC or WE accounts. But there have been moments of frustration. Just not lately. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. gina145

    I’ve never used Writedge, but I do have a few articles at DailyTwoCents. Unfortunately I can’t even access most of their sites as their server seems to have taken a dislike to my IP address and I keep getting 403 Forbidden errors. I contacted their admin a while back when I was considering joining Listofied, and they tried to find out what the problem was without success. So clearly their sites aren’t meant for me.

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