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  • UPDATE (Nov 2018): The Google Plus social network will be shutting down some time during 2019.

UPDATE: Tsu, the network that touted itself as a social payment blogging platform and encouraged people to promote their original content closed its doors. My foodie business page went Bye Bye as well.  No biggie!  My foodie blog on Blogspot and My I Like Eating Channel on Scoop.it serve as a good substitutes.

A while back rumors were circulating that the G+ network was going to close because the competition from Facebook was too much. Those rumors fizzled out. Haven’t heard anything recently.   Nice huh?

As for my business goals? Need 200 more followers. But to date, my page has over 23 million views. So I’m happy!  🙂

Business Goals.  Just need about 300 more followers to make it to 1000*.  That’s the magic number of page followers needed for my foodie Google Plus business page – Everyday Exotic Spices, which supports an affiliate marketing website that’s been up and running 2011. 

+Post Ads were introduced by Google in 2013 as a way to amplify content and drive more people to your posts, videos, and Hangouts. … any post promoted from your Google+ Page can receive additional traffic and engagement from other places on the web. …

Before you can create a +Post Ad, you must first make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Your Google+ Page must have at least 1,000 followers. …

* Reference: How To Use Google +Post Ads | Sprout Social. (n.d.).

To my utter amazement my G+ foodie page has about 700 followers.  But the real shocker was the view count.  Almost 2.5 million!  What is this attributed to?  My theory is:
(1) actively sharing in the G+ communities, 
(2) re-sharing great posts by other food lovers, and 
(3) strategic application of the Google+ Collections feature.

Number 3 seems to be a real key driver.  People really like them! 🙂

My 3 collections (taglines enclosed in parentheses) are for:

  • cheese lovers (“A collection devoted to cheese lovers everywhere. Smile and say cheese!”);
  • pizza lovers (“Pizza goes back to the 6th century. Pizza lovers took it forward! We got this!”); and
  • world cuisine (“World Cuisine. Global Flavors. Ethnic Respect. Everybody loves good food!”).

Everyday Exotic Spices Collections

Great recipes, cooking tips, suggested kitchen accessories, and sometimes food history or food humor are posted to my page.  Come on all you foodies and food lovers!   Are you on Google Plus?  There’s got to be at least 300 of you out there who would enjoy following this page!  Please visit.  If you like what you see, add the page to your circles.  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!


Rumors have been circulating about the demise of the G+ network.  It was intended to be an answer to Facebook, or rather an alternative and a worthy competitor.  After all, the social media giants are American business.  There are laws regarding fair competition and businesses should be able to compete and not monopolize the market.  So if not on Google Plus and/or you are but you are also a member of other popular social networks, please join or follow the adventures of EES elsewhere on the web:

Also, sign up for a free subscription to “The Everyday Exotic Spices Weekly“.



* Apples found here. Click to view more lovely images of apples. Find any excuse to share them. The end of August and/or beginning of September is back-to-school time and apples are appropriate. 🙂 Right after September comes October! 🙂

Celebrate October: It’s National Apple Month


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