Choose Your Ideal (or Most Desirable) Celebrity Neighbors

Choose Your Ideal (or Most Desirable) Celebrity Neighbors

In 2014, late night TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon was deemed the most desirable celebrity neighbor. For the second year in a row!!

Can you guess who the most desirable celebrity neighbor was for 2017?

The Obama Family Named Most Desirable Neighbor for 2017

Most undesirable neighbor?

  • Justin Bieber  ~ Sadly, he’s been on this list more than once!


Currently reside in Austin, Texas. But live nowhere close to Matthew McConaughey.  Miami, Florida is my hometown and the exclusive neighborhoods of the stars who live in Miami Beach are about a 30-minute drive or even a bus ride away.  Confess to having fantasized about living in a neighborhood with folks like Gloria and Emilio Estefan (“Miami Sound Machine”). The notorious gangster Al Capone also lived in Miami Beach and a friend told me a story once about a real estate who kept trying to sell a piece of property.  It was a fabulous home but every time the prospective buyers learned who owned the house next door, they decided not!  🙂

After reading a quick post by a member of another social community gave my fantasy more serious thought – and no doubt fans of the cooking show “Kimchi Chronicles” will likely agree.

Wouldn’t you love to have world class chefs, Marja and Jean-Georges Vongerichten as your neighbors on one side; and talented actor, Hugh Jackman (aka “Wolverine”) and his wife on the other side?

It would be awesome to have dinner with them every night!!!

Will never happen!


Ever fantasized about having a celebrity neighbor?

Please leave a comment naming your choice for a famous neighbor

that you would love to have living right next door?  Have fun!  🙂



The Kimchi Chronicles:
Korean Cooking for an American Kitchen by Marja Vongerichten


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