Finding the Path to Successful Affiliate Marketing

Finding the Path to Successful Affiliate Marketing

Read everywhere about people who earn money from affiliate marketing or advertising affiliate products. Several years back, saw a write-up about an online entrepreneur who insisted he earned thousands of dollars in affiliate referral commissions. Also said it was really easy to do! Another respected blogger said he was able to generate consistent income of about $5K per month via affiliate referrals. There are many more success stories out there. Unfortunately, my success story has not made the headlines yet. But that’s not to say one day it won’t happen. Though income has been earned sporadically, my goal of achieving consistent regular income has not been achieved. Continuing to do the research for myself on how to make that happen and sharing my findings via this blog post for my like-minded blog followers.



So! How does one pursue the path to
successful affiliate marketing?

Well first figure out what the best products are to promote and what the good affiliate marketing programs are.  Then, of course, you need to figure out how to promote and where to advertise. These articles are of interest to me and may be helpful for you too!


Affiliate Marketing 101: How To Find The Best Products To Promote (

The takeaway tips from this article is that digital products are more profitable to promote and Clickbank is the best way to get started.  You may beg to differ.  But the advice was offered freely.



The Best Affiliate Programs and 24 Ways To Promote Them (

There are several programs listed in the section titled “Best Affiliate Marketing Programs” that will require further exploration on my part. Confess to not having any familiarity with any of these programs or the promotion techniques and methods suggested. Would not recommend for newbie marketers. (Just my opinion.)


Where To Advertise Affiliate Links (

Three tips outlined that could be attempted even if you’re a beginner or newbie: (1) social media advertising; mainly via Facebook; (2) solo ads which the article writer describes as “100% affiliate friendly”; and (3) which is especially good to use if your website gets traffic. (Again. Just my opinion.)


How to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog ( publishes a free newsletter. Become a subscriber and you will have no regrets. Their advice is invaluable. At the end of this post there is a “Bonus Tip” and a quick list of marketing tips for 2016 and beyond!


How to Promote Affiliate Products without a Website and Make Money (

Saved the best for last. This is the post that interested me the most because most say you need a website or a blog. But this site mentions the Yahoo Gemini ad system and incorporates links to two more informative articles – one to top rated affiliate programs and another with tips on how to make money using Pinterest.


None of these articles mentioned the actual words “dogged persistence”.

But when you read them you know it’s implied.


Do you consider yourself a successful affiliate marketer?


Do you have something you’d like to share for those aspiring to follow in your footsteps and become successful as well?


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  1. Abhay Kalmegh

    Thanks for the information, its really useful and affiliate marketing is the way for success of your business


  2. gina145

    I’ve had very little success from affiliate marketing so far so I’ll definitely have a look at those articles to see if I can pick up any useful tips. Thanks for sharing.


    • cmoneyspinner

      You’re very welcome, Gina. I will confess some of the marketing techniques are “advanced” for my skills set, right now. Maybe later. I’ve had success with affiliate marketing. But my aim is to achieve consistent success. Others have done it. I can too! (Have to keep saying that to myself over and over.) Thanks for visiting my blog. Been busy working on a new foodie blog and creating and updating my Pinterest boards. Are you on Pinterest?


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