No Rewards? Why Stay and Publish Your Blog at BlogJob? My Story.

No Rewards?  Why Stay and Publish Your Blog at BlogJob?  My Story.

When the suspension of the Rewards Point program was announced by the BlogJob site owner, the blogging community became like a ghost town. But staying here has been good for me. Even though there only a few people to interact with, the site owners have been very gracious.

Gracious? That means that haven’t asked me to leave!   YAY!  🙂

Can not speak for the site owners, but can speak for myself as to why maintaining a published blog at this site is a wise decision for a home business professional.

Let me just say that although BlogJob no longer has the points system where you can earn money, the site owners have allowed me to keep my blog here. Not only have they allowed me to keep my blog here but they also allow me to use affiliate advertising links here as well. The owners bear the expense of maintaining the site, keeping the domain name, handling server issues, etc. Yet they still share the revenues earned from Google AdSense, a benefit that did not change just because the Rewards program was suspended. So maintaining a blog here is a tremendous help to a struggling blog publisher and home business professional like me.  Not to mention the fact that the site uses the WordPress blogging platform is fantastic!


FOR CLARIFICATION: As a publisher, I will be paid BY Google, my “share” of advertising revenues earned, in accordance with the agreement. I will also be paid, hopefully, revenue earned from affiliate marketing of products BY businesses that run the affiliate programs (such as Amazon, etc.) The BlogJob site owners are not responsible for payments.  I’m just thankful to have a published blog not only with income earning potential but at a site which also has a good online reputation and ranking.


RE: Google AdSense revenue shares.

If you are get approved for AdSense, then go into your dashboard at BlogJob, scroll down to “Setting” and then another drop box appears and you click on “Advertising”. Read the rules. “Your ads will currently be shown 25% of the time.” There will be two boxes that appear for before and after your blog posts. Insert your AdSense code there and click Save. That’s how it worked for me.

UPDATE Oct 5, 2017: Today marks a one-year anniversary since I published this post about my decision to stay and continue maintaining my blog here at BlogJob. Happy to announce that the site is still operational and my blog is still here. Woo Hoo!! YAY!  If you have a few minutes check out my other blog here which was started November 2016.

My Shopping Channel

My Shopping Channel

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  1. kimdalessandro

    It’s still good for me too. I’m not earning much with AdSense – mere pennies, but I’m doing well with Amazon.

    • cmoneyspinner

      My AdSense revenues are like yours. Not doing well with Amazon here. But that’s likely because I’m not putting much effort into it here. Although I still use referral links in my posts. I should share my posts more via social media. For my current project, I’ve been cleaning up outdated content and bad links at my other blog on Blogspot. For affiliate marketing of products, I publish pages at Webnuggetz, a website that is actually set up for that.

  2. TAlberts

    Thanks for reminding me my Adsense here at Blogjob. I will start writing here again.

  3. Grecy Garcia

    Oh I want to apply at Google Adsense now!! Please help me!!

    • cmoneyspinner

      As far as I know (keep in mind that I’m in America, so can’t speak for other countries), if you have a gMail account, you have access to other Webmaster Tools offered by Google. Included in those tools is AdSense. That’s how I started. I went into my dashboard and saw all the tools and clicked on the one for AdSense. It’s been a long time. Actually my memory is kind of fuzzy about it. Just Google it and see what you come up with. Hope it works out for you. 🙂

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