Looking for a Leading Man? He’s in the Details

Yes, most magazines can now be read online. Call me old-fashioned, but it’s still an enjoyable pastime to hold a glossy paper issue of a magazine in my hands, flip through the pages, looking at the pretty pictures and occasionally reading some of the articles. 🙂

It’s not a form of R&R (rest and relaxation) engaged in often because unfortunately, the price of some of the mags is WHOA! That translates: expensive (in my opinion). Define not cheap? Uuuhh … $5.99 USD. No wonder people resort to trying to glean as much info as they can, quickly turning the leaves while standing in line at the grocery store waiting to be checked out. As soon as the cashier starts ringing up the items for purchase, the magazine goes back in the rack. Pay $6 bucks for what? Even though it’s the latest issue, it’s already so … yesterday’s news! 🙂

Anyway … one of my kids signed up to participate in surveys and had an opportunity to receive some free mags. She wasn’t really interested so she asked me what to pick. Time, Life, Ebony, Reader’s Digest? Not on the list. But there was one publication. Never heard of it but it’s been around, or rather, was relaunched in 2000.

Recently perused its “Special 15th Anniversary Edition.”

This tip is of no value to me, a happily married old hag who already has a leading man. But to the ladies who might be searching for a successful male “whose influence has shaped every facet of our culture and defined the young millennium” (direct quote from the Table of Contents) … Ladies! Look no further!

He’s in the Details.


Bradley Cooper made the cover of the October 2015 anniversary issue as one of “The Most Influential Cultural Figures of the New Millenium”.

Mr. Cooper along with several other 21st century men deemed “groundbreaking icons” are profiled on pages 103 – 133.

Totally OK with all the leading men showcased in the portfolio with one exception.

  • Number 15: Edward Snowden.
  • Mr. Snowden is the whistle-blower who is being given credit for exposing the U.S. government’s surveillance abuses, in the name of national security, truth, justice and the American way … blah blah yadda yadda.

    Per the article writer, Bret Begun: “How history will judge him is anybody’s guess.”

    No guess for me. Wrote out my judgment as to his actions, January 27, 2014 and posted it on Google Plus.  The G+ network shut down so I republished these comments here. He left the USA.  He is one leading man I will not be following.

    Before concluding this blog post, would like to say that there is one thing you can get from this paper periodical that you could never get from its online counterpart.  The scent of a man.  Sniff. Sniff.  Loved it! 


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    Personality Quiz

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