Earn Residual Income : Social Sites That Pay

Earn Residual Income : Social Sites That Pay

UPDATE: May 29, 2016

Incredible!  Two sites didn’t make it through the first six months of 2017.  Had to say Good Bye to both BlogBourne and Literacy Base.  My one post at BlogBourne was deleted but my posts published at Literacy Base posts are still publicly online at this site.
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Good News!!

UPDATE: Post published Aug 19, 2016. Good News!! BlogBourne has begun to pay. Fellow writers have been paid. To date, my profile shows only one article. There were two, but one post was deleted and republished here before the announcement was made by the site owner, Mike Ople Dulnuan (he’s on Facebook), that the payments would begin! It’s good news as now this site can be “officially” added to my home business projects list as a legitimate residual income stream. However, at present, because another home biz is hogging up all of my time (My Shopping Channel), there is not much time to submit blog posts for review and approval. Not to worry as points can still be earned for popping in from time to time, leaving comments and/or participating in forums.

It looks BlogBourne is a GO!!!

MyLot vs Literacy Base vs BlogBourne.

animatedheaven / Pixabay

Three social sites with revenue-share plans that allow you to generate residual income from your online activity.


If you want (or need) to work from home to generate extra (or needed) income, online writing communities may be the recipe! It’s been almost a year since publishing my featured article at HUBPages discussing how much Online Writing Communities Have Mushroomed. Within that same period, I joined 3 different social sites.


One refers to itself as a discussion forum: MyLot. (You do more discussing than blogging. Your blogging efforts are more like micro-blogging. In other words, post 1 to 3 statements or even a question to get a conversation started. In fact, you do not have to initiate a discussion.  Just chime on a discussion you like!)


The other two are deemed blogging communities: LiteracyBase and BlogBourne. (You are encouraged to publish blog posts. LB requires 300+ words; and BB requires 400+ words. Check specific FAQ at each site for further details.)


History Markers: Recently celebrated a one-year anniversary at myLot.  YAY!  🙂  Signed up for LiteracyBase about a month ago and for Blog Bourne about a week ago.  YAY worthy!  🙂


Neither would be categorized as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr,  etc.  But you do socialize there, probably a lot more than with your family and friends in your social media networks.


  • Am I pleased with my decision to hop on board and become an active member at these sites? Yes! Yes I am!


  • Would I use them as a substitute for social media? No. Of course not! Even the owners of those sites know that’s silly. That’s why they have the social sharing buttons for each post, and members are encouraged to share.
English: Data from April 2011 Editor Survey th...

English: Data from April 2011 Editor Survey that lists Social Media activities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



This post serves as my Status Update and supplies information on what I do in these communities to make it work for me.


Pexels / Pixabay

** RE: myLot.com


Below are links to two posts shared at My Blog Stop! (one of my other blogs). Supplying the links because there is no need to repeat myself. Nothing has changed, except that cash out used to be $10 and now it’s $5.  Woo ho0!!!  🙂


myLot.com – Can First Impressions Be Trusted?

Answer: Yes!


myLot.com – A Milestone and a Second Impression

Remark: This site is improving with age.


Final note: myLots gets two thumbs up! It’s fun AND you get paid!!!  (Green means GO!)



** RE: LiteracyBase.com


The site is currently being micro-managed. That is to say, each of your blog posts are submitted and must be approved before appearing online for public viewing. You do not own your content (it says “All Rights Reserved”) and once it’s published you can not edit. You can probably ask for your account to be deleted, but I’m not that far ahead and don’t have any intentions of doing so at present.


In addition to publishing blog posts, you can be active on forums, commenting at posts, updating your wall or a friend’s wall, etc.  I feel comfortable there for two reasons.

(1) It was easy to learn how to navigate the site.

(2) See many familiar faces there who were already my friends elsewhere.


Personally can not make the claim yet that they pay you. Others have been able to click the Redemption button, but my pennies are still accumulating. Although I have to say, they are adding up quickly. Payout is $10. My earnings have been averaging at 10 cents a day and most of my activity is commenting, not blogging. The members who blog make more money much quicker.


Final note: LiteracyBase gets one and a half thumbs up. Have not cashed out yet, but there’s hope! Below is a list of all blog posts approved to date.  (Blue means Stay Calm and Blog On!)


Vitamin / Pixabay




** RE: BlogBourne.com


This site just went live at the beginning of August. Prior to that, it was in “test mode”. Have not published any posts yet. Signed up because many online friends are publishing posts there and it’s my way of lending them support by becoming a part of their friends base and leaving comments at their “very well written and informative posts”.


Unsure about the revenue-share plan. The site owner is working on it! Right now we accumulate points and those points will be converted to cash, as soon as the exchange rate is calculated.


My first approved post at BlogBourne:

  • Alexander the Great May Have Thought ~ What’s So Great About My Life?


Final note? Don’t have one. Recall that the title of this post does mention something about social sites “that pay”. Since I don’t know what they pay or how they pay, I can’t rate it. Looks like it has potential for residual income though.  (Red means Wait for it!)



Are you a member of social sites that pay?

Please share your experience.

Provide comments below or point to a link.

Thanks so much!! heart-button




  1. Andria Perry

    I am at Mylot too, as you know. I write for Mike At Blogbourne and I hope this will be another great paying site. I just do not know why but I cannot get into LiteracyBase as making pennies writing. I think its the cartoon`ish home page that puts me off, I would rather make a quick $5 at mylot than write and write and write 300 and 400 word posts and NOT get paid.

    • cmoneyspinner

      I have been paid by myLot more than once. So I’ll hang around as long as they let me hang around. Since LiteracyBase shows money that’s accumulating, it looks like there cash out potential. I’ll stay there to see if I can reach payout and receive payment. As for BlogBourne, thanks to encouragement from Kyla, I submitted my first post there and it’s should be published in a couple of days. I understand there was glitche in the system over the weekend and there is a backlog of posts. I like the commenting process at BlogBourne. It’s easy. Just left a comment at one of your posts somebody shared on Facebook. 🙂

  2. Anna Fan

    I have Mylot account too, but I can’t earn much, as it $5 i think, so far. I’m quite busy with other things else and of course it’s part of the Mylot program. I am from Vietnam and the site is Ads rate to pay on users. Therefore, one person from US could get higher for a comment or engagement. Therefore I find it hard to reach 5$ in a month. For those sites you mentioned, i think i will have it a try. Thank you very much for sharing with us!

    • cmoneyspinner

      You are very welcome. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for commenting. Perhaps you’re right about the differences in amounts earned because of the country. I was at another site where they didn’t even allow users to sign up if they were in a certain country. Sorry to hear myLot isn’t working for you. I hope the others sites will be more profitable for you. Wish you success!! 🙂

  3. gina145

    I was always put off LiteracyBase because they don’t allow members to delete their posts and after reading Kyla’s comment I’m really happy that I decided not to join the site. Like you I’m only commenting at BlogBourne, not writing for now. I suspect that going forward I’ll keep my longer content for my blogs and spend my free time interacting at myLot.

    • cmoneyspinner

      See my Reply back to Kyla. I totally get why you were put off Gina. Like you I am placing emphasis on publishing quality content at my own blogs. But, in the same way that you are commenting at BlogBourne you can do the same kind of activity at LiteracyBase. Neither site insists that you blog for them. That’s definitely your choice. So basically, what I am saying is, if a person can earn generate a passive income stream from all 3 sites, without even publishing blog posts, then anybody needing or wanting some extra income should check all of them out! Besides … my friends are at each one these sites. It’s an easy way to keep in touch and the interaction keeps my mind sharp! 🙂

      • gina145

        Joining the site just to read and comment is something worth considering, but I’m not sure I’ll do it. I’m really trying to cut down on my internet time because of all the other things I’m neglecting. I also recently joined a paid photo sharing site and while I’m enjoying it a lot, it’s eating into my time too.

        • cmoneyspinner

          Oh WOW! I’ve heard about those photo-sharing sites. I’m not good at photography but others seem to like it! You should have a lot of fun with that and no doubt you’ll earn income too! Nothing eats into my time. I’m home all day. All I have is time and these websites and blogs are helping me maintain my sanity. I’m grateful my kids got together to provide me with a laptop and pay for the Internet. Hope my work efforts will yield income so I can help them out with the bills and daily living expenses. All the best to you, in all of your endeavors! 🙂

          • gina145

            Thanks. If the site proves to be reliable then I should earn a little money there, but I’m not sure it will be anything significant. My problem is that these sites are too much fun and I spend a lot of time at them that should be used for looking after my bonsai trees, not just for their sake but to give me material for my blog. Submitting photos sounds a lot easier than writing but I spend ages editing some of my photos too. Hopefully in time I’ll learn to get the balance right.

          • cmoneyspinner

            Balance is key. I’m just happy to have found these sites that at least pay me something! What they are doing, Facebook and Tumblr are only promising to do in the future, i.e. pay you for socializing. We’ll see! 🙂

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s nice to see such a fair and balanced review of the three sites, Treathyl. Thank you for that!

    I was going to point out that we still own rights to our content on LiteracyBase once we post there, and that it’s just a cumbersome process to ask for posts to be edited or deleted. But when I went to take a quote from the terms on LB to support that statement, I discovered that the admin of the site have updated the terms at some point since I joined in May.

    The terms now state that even though we are fully responsible for the legal repercussions of our posts on LB (for example, usages fees levied for the abundance of clearly watermarked Shutterstock images the admin allow to be published on the site) it is LiteracyBase that controls our posts once submitted. Further, once we accept any payment from them, they will NOT remove our posts.

    If that kind of language in the T&C doesn’t impact on a review of the site, certainly there should be due consideration for the fact that LiteracyBase seems to have sneaked that change in while the established users there weren’t looking. I am doing a bit of digging to see if I can find anyone who was actually notified of the change to the terms. But I know that I certainly wasn’t aware. It’s giving me cause to reflect on whether I want to continue writing for the site, despite the fact that they have paid me in the past.

    • cmoneyspinner

      Once again you have made an important clarification. I never went back to RE-read the Terms. Once I noted that “All Rights Reserved”, I simply became extremely picky about my blog post content submitted for publication at that site. LiteracyBase is also used to help build my online presence. They seem to have a fairly decent Alexa ranking. I can’t calculate the monetary value but that’s got to be worth something! 🙂

      I am always interested in your comments, Kyla. I like the way you always put me on the right track. 🙂

      • Kyla Matton Osborne

        “All Rights Reserved” on a social blogging site tells you absolutely nothing about how the site treats user-generated content. It’s simply a notice that warns the reader, who may or may not contribute content, to respect the copyrights of the site and its contributors.

        The important part of the TOS, in terms of who owns and controls your posts, is that bit where the user-generated content is discussed. This where you want to see words like “non-exclusive” and “as long as your content remains on the site,” and “your content remains your own.” You want it to be spelled out that the site will return your content upon request and that, aside from a reasonable residency period to justify the pay you’re being given, they won’t try to retain said content after you ask for its removal nor will they penalize you for removing it.

        If the site wants to OWN your posts, they’d better be prepared to pay work-for-hire rates! That could be anything from a couple of dollars to $5 or so, for a post of 300-400 words, right up to $20 or even $50 for a well-written and researched, SEO-friendly post. Not the 15-20 cents per post that a social blogging site can usually afford.

        You mention Alexa ranking, so I thought I’d mention the rankings for the three sites you’ve reviewed.

        MyLot ranks 9,770th in the world, after quite a few years in operation. It’s a well-established site with a solid reputation and a balanced representation of visits from the US and 4 European countries in its top countries for web traffic.

        MyLot ranks 8,719th in the US, as well. All of this is significant because it means the site probably earns a lot better ad revenue than other writing sites, which since Bubblews have typically seen the majority of their traffic coming from countries like India and the Philippines. Earnings for the site are significantly lower when traffic comes heavily from these places.

        LiteracyBase ranks 295,291th in the world and seems to have come from out of nowhere in June, roughly a month after a large influx of BlogJob refugees joined the site. Its rank climbed steadily for about 90 days and has recently levelled off.Roughly 60% of LB traffic comes from the low-paying countries of Philippines and India, where the site ranks 59,264th in the nation.

        You can see that while the site’s ranking has been on the rise, all three measurements for engagement are down – sometimes as much as 27%. And the levelling off looks like it may have taken place around about the time that the site added that annoying auto-playing video, which I’m told accounts for a large part of the over 8 MB of data that loads with every single page on the site. That period is likely also when the admin sneaked in the new clause about owning the users’ content.

        Now both the first to sites have been around for two years or more. And both have a proven history of paying – in the case of LB, we know that bloggers who are currently there have been paid each month for the past 3. now let’s look at BlogBourne.

        The site launched roughly one month ago and has not even received its first revenue payments from advertisers. So it’s not yet paying. But here’s its global ranking, with about a dozen truly active writers and only a little over 1,000 posts on the site so far: this brand new site ranks 561,017th in the world, and got there in about 30 days. And it’s still climbing!

        BlogBourne’s traffic comes significantly from various Asian nations, but it has a traffic share of almost 40% from the US. That’s good when it comes to its potential to generate income from advertising. BlogBourne has also come out of nowhere to place 104,873th in the United States. We are a young site, and even we don’t know what our potential is just yet. But we’ve got a low bounce rate and a good, long time on page. And our visitors are sticking around for an average of 22 pages a day. That means people are coming to read and sticking around. And that bodes well for ad revenues too.

        I’ll leave the reader to draw his own conclusions about how all of this fits in with the info you’ve given thus far. But what I want to say is this: if BlogBourne as a brand new site in its infancy is performing this well while the majority of its users sit back on their heels and wait for the proofs of payment before they decide whether to contribute, imagine how much better the stats – and the revenues – could be if those same users actively published on the site and promoted its content?

        Remember that BlogBourne is the ONLY blogging platform that is committed to a 50% share for the users. So how much you all get paid depends greatly on how much you contribute to the site, and on the quality of the content you post on BlogBourne. You have more control over earnings on BlogBourne than you’ve ever had on any social blogging site anywhere. So, how will you choose to use that control? Will you help to nurture the site and help it grow?

        • cmoneyspinner

          Your comments about “All Rights Reserved” contrasted to TOS are very much appreciated.

          With respect to the Alexa ranking, I don’t do much research. I have a browser extension that indicates Alexa ranking for every site I land on when I’m browsing and I just noted that all 3 sites have a “blue mark” on the measuring bar. If I see blue that’s a good indicator to me. Only one of my blogs is showing a teensy-weensy bit of blue. The rest are “gray”. But I’m working on trying to increase traffic and improve the rankings.

          Helping sites grow and being loyal has never been a problem for me as each site I signed up for, I considered it a win-win for everybody involved. My disappointment was expending all my energy and then the site shuts down and I never got paid! I like all 3 sites, which is why I was willing to post my impression of being an active member at each of them. I’m willing to help all of them grow. But I have to work within my limits, at my own pace, etc., etc. Right now, while trying to get my own blogs to thrive, my activity at these sites is more commenting than blogging. That may change later. (That’s my plan anyway!)

          Thanks for further commenting. I almost feel guilty and wish you have would written this Reply as a blog post. 🙂

          • Kyla Matton Osborne

            Not to worry, Treathyl, words are a renewable resource. There are plenty more where those came from 😉

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