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Whew! The month of June sure flew by fast!  Sharing my “Gleanings”.  No Miscellaneous this time. Just blogging tips and tricks. Hope they help!  🙂


Though the content is dated 2014, the tips are still applicable. The most common mistake is a question people always ask because it causes confusion. There are two of them! What??!! Which one should I use?  There is “Free or self hosted”.  The BlogJob site owners have already made the choice for this community.  However, since BlogJob uses the WordPress platform, learning how to avoid the rest of the mistakes on this list should prove useful. As for me? Mistake #12. Guilty!  Learn more.


Some people have Twitter in their social media tool kit. Have heard that some people only use Twitter to circulate their content, while some folks won’t touch Twitter with a ten-foot pole. I don’t agree with that last group at all. One of the guys who started Twitter used to work for Google. Also, Twitter just recently got a new management team member. Who? Eh! Some guy from Facebook. So what does this tell you? It tells you this social media platform has no plans to disappear! So maybe you should consider taking advantage of the services being offered.

You may have to pay for extra features but it is still free to create a Twitter account. In fact you can create multiple accounts I did!  Click link below to get details on free mini course offered by that teaches how to maximize the potential of this social media tool. While you’re at the site, you might think about joining the community. I don’t get anything extra for referrals. Helping my fellow bloggers is reward enough. No really. I’m not being corny. Don’t forget the name of this blog. “My Pain, Your Gain”. That’s for real.   🙂

  • Perl, Saira. “Twitter for Beginners – Free & Easy InstructionsMomResource. 21 Apr. 2015. Web. 06 July 2016. Helping moms grow their online income. Mom Resource is a fast growing community of moms who are looking to improve their personal & family life by changing their professional life.


captain jack sparrowBelow are three more links of interest that supply sound blogging advice. Two are from blogs I have been following for a few years. One is a new site I just stumbled across today! If you’re determined to continue your blogging adventures, these blogging tips and tricks should help you avoid getting shipwrecked and stranded in the online world. As Captain Jack Sparrow would say: Savvy? * 🙂

* (Zippy one-liners from main character in a popular movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.)

Gleanings from previous months:


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  1. gina145

    Thanks so much. The sense of community is what I miss so much about BlogJob. I really hope that the reward system is reinstated so that members start coming back. I’d love to continue with other topics here even if I have to start with negative points.

  2. gina145

    Sadly I’ve decided to move my main blog to Blogger, but I’ll have a look at some of those links to see if they can help me to re-establish it there.

    • cmoneyspinner

      You need to do what’s best for you. The good thing is … I’ll still see you around the blogosphere! Please let me know when it’s up and running! Keep on blogging!! 🙂

      • gina145

        Thanks. It’s already up and running but I haven’t finished moving my posts yet. So far I haven’t deleted any posts from BlogJob, just deleted the content and replaced it with a link to the new URL, but I guess I’ll have to delete the whole blog eventually.

        • cmoneyspinner

          But you have more than one blog. Do you have plans to move all of them??

          • gina145

            I haven’t decided yet. I never put much effort into any of the others so I’m not sure I want to continue with most of them anyway.

            The photo one wasn’t really working for me here because I struggled to write 300 words on some of my photos, so I started over on that one at Blogger without using my old posts. I’m not sure I’m going to persist with it there either because I’m doing a lot more promotion on it and getting a lot less views than my bonsai blog and I feel like I’m putting too much time into it for no reward.

            I keep thinking that I need to come up with a new blog in a “popular” niche, but I haven’t a clue what that niche might be.

          • cmoneyspinner

            I’m finding that using Blogger (Blogspot) and/or WordPress blogging platforms is good for 300+ word posts. I find that Tumblr can be used very similar to Twitter for doing short blog posts or micro-blogging (quick blurbs) and sharing images. If you have photos or art, folks in the Tumblr community like pictures. FYI. I know what you mean about niche blogs. My blogs don’t fit the definition of a “niche”. However, my micro-blogs on Tumblr do narrow down my posts to specific topics. For example, I have one for food and one for entertainment. Here’s a tip. Set up your Tumblr and link it to your Twitter. Whenever you post on Tumblr, a Tweet gets sent out too. Worth a try!

          • gina145

            Thanks for that suggestion. I’ve started a few different micro-blogs at Tumblr, some sharing links back to my Blogspot blogs but they’re getting almost no views and I really wasn’t sure how to get traffic to them. Twitter is certainly worth a try.

          • cmoneyspinner

            If you’re confused or not sure or need help, you know how to reach me. I’ll help if I can. Go for it sis! 🙂

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