Hashtag #HappyAnniversary and #HappyHUBDay

The month of June has almost come to an end and my anniversary celebration will be finalized with this blog post. Which anniversary you ask? It’s my 3 Year Anniversary with HUBPages.com.

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HUBPages seems to have “staying quality”. Have participated in several online writing communities and despite changes, criticisms and complaints, the HP site owners have managed to keep it going. In fact, they are now expanding into niche sites. It’s been said that department stores often play music (or Muzak) in the background because of its powerful subliminal effect on both store workers and shoppers. Music motivates workers to work better and shoppers to shop more. So they say! 🙂 If it’s true, then at the HP office, they must play songs about survival and surviving to keep management and staff motivated. Ya think?? 🙂


As part of my celebration for hanging in there with them, here are a few links to articles by fellow HUBBERs and/or me. Whether or not you like the way the site is operated, you can’t say that the writers suck! The HP Contributors, individually and collectively, are awesome!

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What’s the difference between taste and flavor? This is a first attempt at publishing a HUB by Charlie Cheesman. Not bad for a first timer.

A chef’s easy guide to the difference between taste and flavour (flavor)


Many or almost all of us have nightmares. But did you know there is a behavioral technique to stop having nightmares? If you have a nightmare every now and then, this is probably not a major concern. But if you’re tormented on a regular basis, you’re probably willing to explore any potential “cure”.

Why We Have Nightmares and How to Stop Them


“Thousands of Philistine men died before they figured out they just needed to send in one woman.” Would that we end all wars that way? NOT!

The Book of Judges: A Timely Application


In high school we were required to take a course in world literature. Even though many moons have passed since my HS days, I can’t recall being taught about any Mexican writers. That’s why this HUB peaked my interest. Also, he’s YAMWOW. Yet another man who says he owes a lot to the women who were a powerful influence in his life. In the case of Fuentes, it was his grandmothers.

Carlos Fuentes (1928 – 2012) – Mexican Man of Letters


Interesting article by one of my favorite HP writers, Brenda Barnes. She shines a spotlight on parts of American history and in particular, unsung heroes whose stories are written but not often taught or told.  Also sharing this link because our country will soon be celebrating Independence Day, the 4th of July, and want to point to certain moments in history that made US who we are today.

Black Women in the American Revolutionary War

English: A collage of American Revolutionary W...

English: A collage of American Revolutionary War public domain images. Clockwise from top left: Battle of Bunker Hill, Death of Montgomery at Quebec, Battle of Cowpens, “Moonlight Battle”. Interlingua: Un collage de imagines in dominio public super le Guerra de Independentia del Statos Unite. Ab sinistra superior in senso horologic: Battalia de Bunker Hill, morte de Montgomery a Quebec, Battalia de Cowpens, Battalia de Capo St. Vincente. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



That’s it! Happy Anniversary to moi! Happy 4th of July to all those whose celebrate!




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