For Home Biz Entrepreneurs | Gleanings: May 2016

For Home Biz Entrepreneurs | Gleanings: May 2016

It’s the first week of June. Continuing “Gleanings” initiative and sharing the bounty gathered during the month of May.

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Blogging, Work at Home and Home Business Tips

* * Sharing two tips from Sonia Colon, who has been successfully publishing her blog of business marketing articles for several years. Suggest you subscribe to her newsletter.

* * Pinterest Pinboards and Google Plus Collections are a great way to keep business and work advice and tips organized for future reference, and to curate and circulate content, with the added benefit that your activity attracts followers, which in turn, helps with building your business brand and enhancing your online reputation. To support my home business endeavors, two boards are maintained on PinterestHome Business Tips and Online Work – Success Tips & Advice, Blogging, Writing, Etc.; and there is one collection on Google PlusTips and Advice for Business (Work at Home, Etc.)

* * Advice offered by Jade Phillips, blogger and marketing executive for a London based PR company. Ms. Phillips gives it to you straight. If you want to monetize your blog and/or use it to accomplish other business purposes, there are certain tasks that will amount to a waste of time because you focused too much attention and attached too much weight to getting them accomplished. For example:

  • Learn what “vanity metrics” are and how they are not the best measure of your “work’s worth”.
  • The easiest way to streamline your social networking? Figure out who your audience is and where they hang out.  If they’re on Instagram why are your promoting on Pinterest?  Logical.  But it’s surprising how many bloggers think they need to be active on all social media networks, regardless.  They have angst about it. 
  • Setting goals is one thing. Measuring them is another.  “If you want to turn blogging into a source of income, you have to know your what channels produce the greatest returns.”

Lots more ideas and info where these came from.

10 Time-Wasting Blogging Mistakes That Hurt Your Reputation

* * Since most bloggers use affiliate advertising or referrals as a means of supporting their blogs and generating income, it’s important to know that not all affiliate marketing programs are what they claim to be.

The Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Scams – Don’t Fall For These Traps

* * My friends! What are apps? Apps are substitutes for having employees. They supply the “extra helping hands” you sorely need when you don’t have a budget to hire additional personnel. They help you work smarter and not harder.

15 Apps That’ll Make You Insanely Productive


Miscellaneous (Lifestyle, Society and Culture, History, etc.)

Only sharing one link for the miscellaneous grouping this time.  Enjoy!  🙂

Did the Chinese Invent the Superhero Team?

Long before the invention of comic books, there was a band of seven Chinese brothers, each with theor own magical or supernatural powers. DC Comic retold the Chinese legend and called the brothers “The Great Ten”.


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