Work-at-Home: My Blogging Strategy ~ 2016 Forward

My dear fellow blogger / freelance writer and friend, YoungHopes, always ask me simple easy questions. My responses almost always turn into full blown blog posts. She must be a blogger muse in disguise. Ya think?  🙂

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This was her question:  How’s your blogging life going, with so many sites already dead, which one are you now focusing upon?

♦♦♦  This is my answer.

Started my attempts at blogging back in 2011. As of 2016, publishing 2 blogs and 5 microblogs.


One as part of the BlogJob community.

My Pain, Your Gain

(Note: BlogJob uses the WordPress blogging platform.)


One using Blogspot, the official Google blogging platform.

My Blog Stop!


Five microblogs via Tumblr.

  • Express Yourself!
  • My Fox Nooze
  • Food Ways
  • My Shopping Channel
  • MSC-Entertainment


My Tumblr Experience (Update Sep 26, 2016)

Explanation of the Strikethroughs:  Long story short RE: my Tumblr blogs.  Using the Over-Blog and the Blogspot platforms, along with Pinterest and Google Plus to recapture some of my work and also to hopefully publish even better content.  Live and learn!  🙂

With BlogJob, the blog entries are 300+ words of original (and hopefully “quality” content) in accordance with the site’s rules. The content is divided into two main categories:

  • Lifestyle posts (for personal and random blogging) and
  • Work-at-Home (tips and tricks for blogging, freelance writing, and affiliate marketing; general advice for business and work, etc.)


With Blogspot, a content “mix” is published, accomplished via: reblogging (curating other people’s content and leaving my additional paw prints), republishing (my content that has to be moved to a new home), and writing original content.

bj combo

With Tumblr, because it’s a micro-blogging platform and sharing is super easy, I can do lots of quick posts that keep my blogs on the radar of the search engine crawlers, robots and bots.

  • My links from BlogJob and Blogspot can be shared via Tumblr.
  • My Tumblr entries are shared via Twitter and my tweets are posted to my Facebook profile and business pages.
  • Social media sharing is automated because when a Tumblr blog or account is set up you have the option of sharing to Facebook, Twitter or both. Choose Twitter. Why? Because when you set up your Twitter account, you get the option of sharing tweets to Facebook. So when you hit the publish button at Tumblr, it gets tweeted;  and the posts from Twitter get shared via Facebook.

  Side Note: What about Google Plus you ask? The posting process to your G+ business pages can be automated but not without doing a song and dance routine and jumping through hoops.  🙂  It’s a complicated process (in my opinion).  But doable.  Certainly not impossible.  At present, I am testing different tools and resources until I develop a “recipe” that totally works for me!  In the interim, let me just suggest that you experiment with the services offered by Buffer, Zapier, IFTTT, HooteSuite,, and Feedburner

~ As for Pinterest?  My pinboards are updated manually.

♦♦♦  So! Does it sound like a well planned and organized content strategy?  Yes? Good! Let’s hope it works! 🙂


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  1. kimdalessandro

    Sounds like a great plan. I took a short break, but I’m writing again. 🙂

  2. Younghopes

    You are pretty amazing at everything you do, love the way you have added ads on this site. For a minute I felt I was on a ‘website’. Great work and good luck

  3. Lady Nightwave (BrendaMarie)

    Good luck with everything dear. I know, it’s not east.

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