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It’s been less than 2 weeks.  All the hype about the sudden and untimely death of the rock, pop, soul, R&B mega superstar Prince continues to dominate the news from the entertainment industry.  (Prince Dead at 57 | TMZ.com)  Even if you’re not keeping up with it, the headlines are everywhere. Don’t know about you but it catches my eye and peaks my curiosity. Even though you say to yourself: “Not me! I’m no celebrity news junkie!” Somehow you feel so drawn, almost compelled to read at least a snippet of the report. Admit it! You know you do the same thing!

At any rate, it’s a new day and as is my usual procedure, started my work day signing into my various blogs and social media accounts – BlogJob, WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. In my WordPress account, you can use the reader and quickly peruse various posts of the blogs that you follow.

TIME Magazine is one of the blogs I follow. This was the first post that showed up in my readers for today April 29th, 2016.

Prince‘s coat from his 1984 film Purple Rain will go up for auction this summer. The black and white blazer with leather sleeves will be put on the auction block at Profiles in History auction house in California on June 29, along with other memorabilia from famous musicians, the Associated Press reports. “It’s definitely the…

via Prince’s Purple Rain Coat Going Up for Auction — TIME


So the coat or blazer Prince wore in the movie that put him over the top, “Purple Rain”, is being auctioned. In 2009, when Michael Jackson passed away and immediately almost the first question on everybody’s mind (though they may not have said it, but it’s usually the question everybody asks when a rich person departs): Who gets to inherit all his money and world possessions?

Well with MJ the answer was quick. His kids, his momma, and a few charities.

Another news blurb in USA Today, caught my eye the other day. It said that Prince died without leaving a will. Can you believe that??  I can. Did you know that noted Civil Rights Activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Martin Luther King Jr., also died without leaving a will?

“Famous Americans who died without a valid will include Sonny Bono, Kurt Cobain,John Denver, Chris Farley, Howard Hughes and Martin Luther King Jr.” (Source: Ten Things You Don’t Know About Estate Planning | lawyer.com)

Hard to believe Prince left his estate to nobody in particular, isn’t it? Not really. This is just my opinion but, probably the only person the legendary rock star would have wanted to leave anything to was his child who died 7 days after he was born.

Mayte Garcia’s marriage to Prince, how they lost their child | starcasm.net

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Just wanted to conclude the post with this tidbit of information. In the USA, regarding wills and estate planning: 

A healthcare proxy is a person you designate to carry out your wishes stated in a living will in the event you become incapacitated and cannot speak or convey your wishes directly.

Interested in knowing more?

Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, & Advance Health Care Directives | American Bar Association.

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