Meet Juman Malouf, Author of ‘The Trilogy of Two’

Meet Juman Malouf, Author of ‘The Trilogy of Two’

As was mentioned in a previous post, Persona Paper, a social blogging community decided to discontinue their site.  As a result, my content from this site is being republished elsewhere on the web.  This post was first published at Persona Paper, December 28, 2015, but it was deleted and being re-posted here.


Juman Malouf has decided to publish her books for children. She is an accomplished designer and costumer who has shifted her career aspirations to hopefully become a successful author and illustrator.

  • Bio-Snip : She was born in Beirut, Lebanon; grew up in Saudi Arabia and London; attended the prestigious Brown University (USA); and now divides her time residing in Paris and New York.

In reading an article about this talented lady, learned a new word. She is described as a “ peripatetic ” outsider. (???) This word has two meanings and not quite sure if one or both definitions apply to her.

DEF 1: moving about from place to place.

DEF 2: an Aristotelian, i.e. a follower of Aristotle (from Aristotle’s habit of conversing with students while they walked in the Lyceum, the garden in Athens , Greece where he taught).

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Why was this article about her so intriguing to me?

It seems we (Ms. Malouf and I) have a few things in common.

– Ms. Malouf was the character Agnes in “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.
I love “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. Even though I barely remember Agnes. But I do remember Felicity.  🙂

Our commonalities?

~ We both like vintage stuff: fashion , art , etc.

See my collection on Pinterest : Everything Vintage .

~ We both aspired to write books for children and young adults.

The main difference between Ms. Malouf and I?

~ She succeeded in getting her children’s book published.

The Trilogy of Two”, about twin orphans growing up in a traveling circus.

~ My drafts of stories written for children were put on a shelf.

Maybe one day. After all, there’s always tomorrow. (Wink wink.)


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REF: Hartman, Eviana. “Quality | Profile in Style | Juman Malouf.” T: New York Times Style Magazine 25 Oct. 2015: 92. Print.


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