Final Post for My Pain ~ Your Gain

Final Post for My Pain ~ Your Gain

During 2017, I started several blogging and writing work projects, worked on expanding my social media presence, and continued to maintain other websites and blogs that were set up before joining the BlogJob community in 2015. After giving it months and months of thought, I finally reached the conclusion that some of my home biz projects have to be discontinued because I simply do not have the time to devote to keeping them updated and loaded with fresh content. This blog post represents the final post for this blog. The posts will not be removed from this site and republished elsewhere on the web. There is no need for that. The content is evergreen and it also serves as a good historical reference point.

Many site owners confess that they have a few sites around the web that they started but have neglected. Rather than neglect this blog, I have chosen to no longer continue publishing posts. Chose the last month of this year (2017) to publish the final post intentionally. Seemed like a good stopping point. 🙂

I have enjoyed maintaining this blog ~ sharing what I have learned about the ups and downs of working from home as an online entrepreneur; and also sharing my thoughts, opinions and views about various general topics, etc.

I hope that this blog has been of value to you. Thank you so much for your support. Below is an alphabetical list of the 118 posts published during the period September 2015 to November 2017.


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Looking forward to 2018.
What about you?  Any plans?

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