I shouldn’t let myself distracted

There are times that I’m on the verge of giving up. To the point of packing my bags and just leave. But I’ve told myself, why should I dwell on something petty, something that is not worth my time and effort, something that I would regret thereafter?

What the heck, I have to widen up my horizon, focus mainly on my goals, accept my faults and also accept that there are people around that will test me once in awhile. Like for example, checking on how strong-willed a person I am, gauging my strength and weaknesses and knowing if my determination to survive life’s challenges can put me into places or even worst, 6 feet below the ground.

Anywhere we go, there are really haters and fault finders. If we made some mistakes they would correct us or insult us immediately. There are some people who can easily accept what has been thrown to them, be it good or bad; be it in a positive or negative way, but, there are some others, who would view it in a different way. You feel that you’re treated like you know nothing at all, you’re insulted and maligned.

But thanks to those who have always believed in me. Who’s helping and guiding me out and who’s with me in this journey all throughout. I am not perfect, I have a lot of flaws and shortcomings…. who doesn’t, anyway…

I will not be distracted and will head forth to my goal for a better me. It will not do me any good if I mind those people who seems so full of themselves. Just remember that we are all equal in the eyes of the Beholder. Don’t boasts too much of your accomplishments, successes and riches in life. Mind you, When we all die we cannot bring all of them in our grave.