Can’t beat ’em? Then, join ’em!

My first few weeks on Bubblews, which was my first writing site, I was really annoyed reading “milestone post”, or shall say “bragging post”, which of course, was always a big hit there. You gained more likes, views and comments, especially if the content of your article was all about E-checks, redemptions, achievements, etc…

What’s going on with these people, why they keep on doing this? I’ve said this many times to myself and I even got the nerve to submit a post regarding my observations and irritations.

What happened? Oh lala, I was advised to mind my business and just be happy for them. Writing this kind of thing is like a moral booster. To uplift one self and others to work even more harder. To motivate and inspire one and all to make an effort so that he or she will be able to attain and achieve his/her goals.

Days had passed, I’ve tried it. And it’s making good results, thus increasing my bank and gave me a different kind of happiness deep within, while posting all these success stories. I’ve realized that it’s not bad, afterall. From then on, most of my articles are full of positivity and enlightenment. I may crack some rants from time to time, but sharing those wonderful moments in my life is something to be proud of.

Having said this, I don’t mind now reading posts that contain joy, love, appreciation and good vibes to everyone out here. We are all here to share our world. I don’t also intend to dislike someone elses happiness. Never did I, that’s for sure. We are not earning a lot from this experience, but gaining more and more online friends, matters most. So let’s just have fun and enjoy our journey!

As long as we don’t violate any rules and we are not hurting each others feelings, any happy and wonderful thoughts is much appreciated by yours truly.

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