Time to clean our email Inbox

One day, as I was reading a friend’s post on FB, he mentioned that he’s busy deleting some messages from his yahoo mail. That sounds a good idea, I’ve told myself.

And so, I’ve decided to open my own email, too and check if I have some new messages there or any latest news, be it good or bad. Then deleted some useless mails and spam mails that has been accumulated there, over the years. And leave behind those that has some content value.

I’ve had more than 3600+. I’ll try to do it weekly or if I have the time and in the mood to do it, I’ll do it in a daily basis so that it won’t pile-up such as this, until the important ones are left behind.

For now, I still have 2500+ that I am rigidly checking for I may have skipped something important and will delete it without knowing it’s worth.

What have caught my attention was when I saw this message from youtube that I won a price sometime in 2012. What… really? I wasn’t aware of this. It’s just too bad I wasn’t able to claim my prize, if it’s really true some time ago. I’ve also confirmed it in my twitter account that I really won, but can’t remember what it’s all about.

Another message that made me smile was when I read again the recommendation letter that was sent to me by my employer some years ago. It’s just so encouraging and overwhelming to read such nice and uplifting words from them, all over and over again.

Here are some of the selected mails I got since the dawn of time: Facebook Notif, Bubblews Notif, Paypal Notif, PersonaPaper, Wikinut.com, Angel for today, Farmville, Cityville, Candycrush, Glassdoor, Angel for Today, Lucky slots, Surveyhead, Today’s Jokes, noreply@nursingguide, among a few.

Have you checked yours, too. Try to eradicate those useless messages now.