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It’s far long been the problem of every FILIPINO Subscriber in the entire archipelago. We are spending and paying too much of our internet connection, but we are having this long time difficulty connecting with friends, families, colleagues, new acquaintances all over the globe. Our money is not worth the services they’re rendering us. A lot of inconveniences that we have encountered and suffered all these years. In a hearing of the Senate Committee on Trade, Commerce & Entrepreneurship recently, One Philippine Senator voiced out a common concern about unreliable and expensive internet in our country. She shared her frustration about poor internet in her home and office, too. Representatives from PLDT-SMART, GLOBE and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) were there to their defense. According to them, Congestion, oversubscription, physical problem in the space, inadequate infrastructure were noted as common reason why we experience poor services. A lot […]

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